[HOUSE/ELECTRO] Introducing TON!C – The Sextacy Album

This is going to be a hard review to write simply because there are no words to describe this track. But I’ll try… I’ve posted about West Coast producer TON!C before and have been a big fan of his absolutely ground shaking electro/house bangers, but this one takes the cake. Beginning with an insane synth run, TON!C starts mellow but slowly builds into a sick house beat that you’d have to be dead not to feel. This is only a taste of what we’re going to hear on The Sextacy Album and I cannot wait to listen to what speaker blowing tracks this kid will come up with next. I’m going to say it now, TON!C is going to be one producer to watch out for in 2012. Stay tuned.

You can purchase The Sextacy Album via iTunes here.

Introducing TON!C – The Sextacy Album (Read Description) by TON!C



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