[Rock] The Black Keys – “Run Right Back”

Last month, The Black Keys gave us a delicious bite off their upcoming album, El Camino, entitled “Lonely Boy.” The track stirred up massive excitement for new and old fans of the blues/rock duo, and although we have to wait until December 11 for the entire 11-track album, The Black Keys have dropped this little B-side candy to hold us over until then.

“Run Right Back” is everything you’d expect from Dan Auerbach and Pat Carney. With Pat’s staple gritty blues/rock guitar riffs and Dan’s howling vocals, “Run Right Back” has me craving for more of the Danger Mouse produced album. On a finishing note, if “Run Right Back” was one of the tracks left on the cutting room floor, one has to think that El Camino could be their best record yet. I’d like to hope so.





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