[HIP-HOP/ELECTRO] Na Palm Vs. Daft Punk – “Solar Sailer” (Pretty Lights Remix)

Two Na Palm tracks in two days? Yeah, why not? Especially when you have four minutes of Na Palm spitting over the amazing electro sounds of Pretty Lights and Daft Punk. “Na Palm was feelin’ this Daft Punk track in the studio one day and decided to go in on a quick flow off the top. ‘4 Minutes. No Hook. All bars.’ Enjoy!” Na Palm has been making big moves in 2011 with the release of his first album, Late At Night, and a slew of remixes since. Check... Read More

[ELECTRO] Milk N Cookies – “Heavyweights” (Original Mix)

Twin-brother, Chicago producers Milk N Cookies have officially released their first banger of 2012 in the form of “Heavyweights.” Cool syncopated beats lead you into a huge build that drops with, to my excitement, Lars from the Disney movie Heavyweights. What follows is some grimy electro-house beats that includes some sick synth work at around the 4:00 minute mark. Milk N Cookies just opened for the massive Paul Van Dyke at The Mid in Chicago and have been working... Read More

[REGGAE/POP] The Ting Tings – “Soul Killing”

Cool new reggae-pop sounds coming off The Ting Tings forthcoming album, Sounds from Nowheresville, in the form of “Soul Killing.” The album’s second single is a litte bit of a departure from their sound, but it’s a great track nonetheless. Singing over some chill dub guitar and a blown out horns chorus, “Soul Killing” brings about a little No Doubt nostalgia. Nothing I can’t deal with, though. After spending a couple years on the road... Read More

[Electro/Soul] Diplo & Usher – “Climax”

Holy sexy time, Batman! This song is going to be responsible for a lot of babies 9 months from now. Dropped yesterday for Valentine’s Day, Diplo and Usher have teamed up to produce “Climax.” Diplo describes it as “some next level electrosoul” that is sure to help all the couples out there get down to the get down. It’s exactly what I would expect out of Usher, but not so much from Diplo. The back track is more of a mellowed out trance mix that works... Read More

[ROCK] Jack White – “Love Interruption” Official Video

Jack White has been a busy man in the last few weeks, recently dropping his first solo single, “Love Interruption,” as well as the B-side to the track, “Machine Gun Sillhoutte.” Both are off Jack’s most recent project, Blunderbuss, which is due to be released April 24th. As with the rest of the music blogosphre, I’ll be heavily anticipating his solo album. But until then, check out the visuals for “Love Interruption” below.      Read More

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