[INDIE/POP] Laurel Collective – “They Hate Me” + Microburst Remix

It’s a pretty nice day in California today. Sun’s out and there’s a nice breeze blowing off the mountains. What’s better is this fantastically upbeat track from British indie-pop group Laurel Collective. “They Hate Me” definitely feels best on a nice spring day outside so make sure you check it out below. Plus, it’s a free download.

If you’re looking for something a bit more electronic in nature, listen to Microburst’s take on the track. Adding in some pulsing beats, vocal samples, and synths, Microburst really takes the song into a different arena. Enjoy below.
Laurel Collective – They Hate Me by LaurelCollective

Laurel Collective – They Hate Me (Microburst Remix) by Microburst_


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