[THE DAILY SWIM] Germany Germany – “Saturn”

[THE DAILY SWIM] Germany Germany - "Saturn"

Welcome to The Daily Swim, a new feature on The Sights and Sounds to bring you as much new music as we can. As a daily swimmer, water has always served as a dichotomy to my psyche – wholly and unswervingly calming in it’s vast simplicity yet at the same time able to harness and create massive amounts of energy. Which is exactly the type of music The Daily Swim will feature – no fuss posts with tracks from great producers that serve as both calming and energizing to get you through the deep end of your day.

Travels have made it quite difficult to get these daily swims up lately, let alone get into some water and actually swim. But we’re finally back at HQ and ready to dilute you with all the great tuneage permeating from our waters.

Today’s Daily Swim comes from the distinctly non-European, Canadian based Germany Germany with their chilled out track “Saturn.” It’s as if water could actually live in space as a fluid and we’ve found the exclusive pools gracing the rings of Saturn, with full view of all it’s 60 orbiting moons. Enjoy the spacey vibes of “Saturn” on your swim and head over to their Soundcloud to snag a free download.





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