[INDIE/ELECTRO] Atlas Genius – “Symptoms” (Pierce Fulton Remix)

[INDIE/ELECTRO] Atlas Genius - "Symptoms" (Pierce Fulton Remix)

I love being introduced to new music via other artists that I’m already listening to. Whether it be a track that gets re-posted by an artist on Soundcloud or a rising star that gets commissioned to do a remix, it’s great social proof when I see a well known band put up someone else’s sounds and it makes me all the more inclined to press play.

That was the story of my day when I decided to listen to a remix of Atlas Genius‘ new single, “Symptons,” from New England DJ/producer Pierce Fulton. Pierce juggles the realms of electro-house and down-tempo electronica with his remix of the indie track, and I wouldn’t be too far off by saying the sound is reminiscent of Miike Snow. The mix has a nice ebb and flow to it, and props to Fulton for allowing a little breathing room throughout the track and not just jamming as much EDM synth into 4.5 minutes as he could. Listen below and head over to Pierce Fulton’s Soundcloud page to grab a free download.





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