[ROCK] Cameron The Public – “Apple Pie”

[ROCK] Cameron The Public - "Apple Pie"

It’s Thursday. I’ve made it through the hump day, but it’s still not Friday and I’m finding my week is slowly coming to a stand still. I need some energy. Thankfully I came across a barnstormer of a track from quintet Cameron The Public with their rolling single “Apple Pie.”

Hailing from Los Angeles, Cameron Rafati, the brain behind Cameron The Public, has been on a mission to create genre bending sounds in his music while combining elements of blues, funk, and rock infused with tinges of country and vintage R&B. Now combined with a live band, the group has been playing tight and critically praised shows since their meeting in Los Angeles in 2010.

From the very beginning, the track makes you want to stomp your feet, clap your hands, and find a group of knee slapping moon shiners in a back woods cabin to dance around with. “Apple Pie” is a rowdie jaunt that brings about images of southern folk rocking around a late night bonfire, and it’s made all the better by the fact that Cameron hails from the west coast – a culture far removed from the raucous southern-esque sounds coming out of the single. Check out “Apple Pie” below, grab your free download via Cameron The Public’s Soundcloud, and watch for their forthcoming EP available later this year.





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