[HOUSE] Klingande- Jubel


Good music stirs up a visceral reaction, one that’s out of your control — a smile that forms on the lips, a sway of the hip, a tapping of the foot. For me, Klingande’s Jubel is my song of summer 2013. I first heard the track a few months ago on the open road while driving down from San Francisco to Los Angeles, right after I had resigned from my job of three years without a plan and with only freedom ahead. Hearing the sexy saxophone opening of the song while zipping down the I-5 with the summer heat beating down was the catalyst for a reaction at the cellular level. The result? Pure elation on the inside and major car dancing on the outside.

“Jubel” is Klingande’s second song that was released in late March. Impressively, the French duo only started creating music last December. The track begins with a simple beating of bongo-like drums and a layering of piano chords with a playful string melody, eventually building up to sweet vocals that are accompanied by a saxophone solo that will completely stop you in your tracks. The juxtaposition between the sexy saxophone notes and steady house beats creates a percussive burst of freedom — an unexpected, yet perfect combination that lifts and energizes your spirit with each additional note.

Now give it a listen and if you love it, be sure to keep it in your summer playlist. And if do you, I hope that when you hear it a few days from now or even a year from today you will find a smile on your face.



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