[DARK POP] London Grammar- Sights (Until The Ribbon Breaks Re-Imagination)


What are you afraid of? Well, everything. Fuck it, that’s not true. I’m willing to hurtle myself across oceans and bust through immigration borders solo. I’m able to face the city of Bangkok at night, breathing in the electric night air and trace with my hand life as it re-enters down and through my veins. What am I afraid of? Well, that’s something I bang my head against the wall to, much to my own chagrin.

Trauma: a certain amount of watching in awe as others bluster monsoon style through my life, throwing about and sucking the air out of my heart and mind and smashing my bones as I crawl towards the exit. Yeah, that’s affected me. I don’t want to breathe around others, I don’t want to beat my heart; lest they siphon it off from me. I gave my heart CPR when I was all alone, I built my own casts. I am powerful as fuck by myself.

And now, as London Grammar puts its ‘no matter the weather’, I keep by myself. I stare down third world mega cities without the blink of an eye, but ask to take care of me and I’ll feel my lungs collapse. What am I afraid of? Someone even daring to give me breath.

Until The Ribbon Breaks, whose reimaginations always beautifully alter my perception of both the world of a song and the way that my life smashes head on into the track (the real purpose of music, I posit), does it again here in spades. This reimagination is deeply contemplative in the most mercurial manner, forcing you to keep looking out the window of your soul when returning to your bed is your natural state. It forces you to break from fears; and, at least for me, imagine what it’s like to open my lungs wide and the healing, curative, breath of others: a true kiss.

We’re huge fans of both UTRB and LG here at The Sights and Sounds. Catch them out on tour together. Details on Until The Ribbon Break’s Facebook. And below!



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