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[FESTIVAL RECAP] Okeechobee Bridges Gap Between Live Music and Mindfulness

I stand head first, arms back, one bare foot pointed back in the air and the other nestled in the dusty grass of Yogachobee. My balance shifts and I start to shake, starting from my core and reverberating to my extremities. The uncertainty hits my knees and just as it begins to buckle, a hand […]

[EXPERIMENTAL] The New Flying Lotus Movie Looks Absolutely Disgusting

If his music videos and album covers are any indication of his artistic preference, you know Flying Lotus has a sick fascination for the macabre. He channels this passion in his latest film Kuso, which was featured at the Sundance Film festival this past January. Flylo one upped himself on this one —the movie was so vile some […]

[Festival Preview] Why Okeechobee Is Different, According to Reddit

First impressions are everything, and Okeechobee clearly blew theirs out of the water. Just after its first run, this Florida newcomer made huge splashes in the media and festival community, winning a spot as one of the top music festival destinations in the country. What exactly did Okeechobee do right? The internet knows. We casted a line out to the […]

[FESTIVAL RECAP] Electric Zoo is a Rave and that’s OK

I’m standing at the middle of the mainstage crowd for Flux Pavillion on Friday, surrounded by a sea of bodies anxiously waiting for a beat drop. I look up next to me and there’s a girl in a bedazzled bra waving a flag that screamed “Electric Zoo Music Festival” in neon pink and for a […]

[FESTIVAL RECAP] Elements Festival Brings Beauty and Beats to Brooklyn

Warehouse party veterans BangOn! NYC returned to Red Hook, Brooklyn for another round of Elements Music and Arts Festival last weekend. Make no mistake: though Elements Festival is only on its second year, BangOn is an age-old favorite in the east coast festival scene. We have these guys to thank for those desperately needed after-hour shows; from Mysteryland […]