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I am a staff writer with focuses in rap, hip-hop, folk, and music as a multifaceted discipline that grew up with a fascination and love for all things musical. I am currently studying English and Philosophy at the University of Cincinnati and I am also a creative writer (viewable on my website), a musician/aspiring SoundCloud rapper, and a video game enthusiast.

Young Thug’s “Beautiful Thugger Girls”, an Innovative Euphony Displaying Unparalleled Versatility

[8.1/10] That is a review score that will most likely catch many readers off guard, and understandably so; I, myself, was quite surprised at just how much I enjoyed this project. For quite some time, I had been a Young Thug denier, dismissively categorizing his music within the realm of bass drops and mumble rap […]

Russ: Unapologetically Brash and Undeniably Talented

Consider, for a moment, the curious and enigmatic case of Russ Diemon.  I first encountered Russ some time back on Soundcloud on a smooth track called “Take It All In“. I was incredibly impressed with a variety of things: rhythmic bars, undeniable vocal range, and an uncanny attention to detail in the production stages made […]

[REVIEW] Bryson Tiller Drops Lackluster Sophomore Album, True to Self

[4.7/10] Bryson Tiller‘s latest album, his sophomore release, True to Self, was surrounded with anticipation, and for good reason: Tiller, a Louisville native, exploded onto the scene with his 2014 Soundcloud drop, “Don’t”, which peaked at 13th on the Billboard Hot 100 and would ultimately serve as the premier single on his first studio album, […]

[THOUGHTS] Frank Ocean’s Recent Withdrawals Lead to Recollections of Inconsistency

In the months following Frank Ocean’s critically acclaimed Blonde album, he has been, contrary to the past, in line with what is now expected, if not demanded, of popular artists in contemporary times: a continuous stream of releases, consistent and thorough tour dates, and a general transparency and communicability with one’s audience are about all it takes […]

[DEEP DIVE] Music and the Metaphysical

  Music and the Metaphysical: An Examinaton        “‘If music be the food of love, play on; / give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, / the appetite may sicken, and so die,” says the Bard in the opening of his play, Twelfth Night, and in doing so, he provides some profound and […]