[STATE OF SOUND] New Artists Soundcast #16: Oxycontin House Boys Edition


STATE OF SOUND is a Sights and Sounds feature where I select new electronically focused bands of stratospheric level quality that’ve been hanging around the periphery of the blogopshere’s vision (just waiting to be discovered). I select only on quality, but try to shoot for Soundcloud/Facebook followers of <6000. If you’d like to be considered […]

[TRAP/BASS] Nause – “The World I Know” (UZ & Stranger and Samuraii Reworks)


Sweden’s very own Nause, the Scandinavian house duo who earlier this year smashed through with the hit single “The World I Know”, bring the track back again but this time in the guise of a set of remixes. So who’s on remix duties then? Tasked with giving the track new life is UZ & Stranger […]

[PHOTO RECAP] Deep In The Woods At Shambhala 2015

Shambala 2015 LOW RES (54 of 78)

Photos by: Shane Duncan Coming off a successful 18th year in production, the internationally acclaimed Shambhala Music Festival delivered an inspired mix of music and magic to the scenic Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia over the course of four mystical days. For one weekend a year, the sold out festival transforms into the largest […]

[INTERVIEW/REVIEW] We Are Your Friends: What Went Wrong?


You’ve probably heard by now that, since it’s release in theaters on August 28, 2015, the film We Are Your Friends hasn’t exactly set the box office charts on fire. The “EDM movie” starring Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, and Wes Bentley opened to mediocre if not mostly negative reviews and, even worse, to a very […]

[HOUSE] Tom Swoon Vs Ale Q & Sonny Noto – “Alive”


Proving that music has no borderlines, Tom Swoon, Ale Q and Sonny Noto bring you a cross country collaboration through Ultra Music that will blow your socks off if you love deep, melodic progressive house. Swoon, who hails from Europe, is the producer who drives the musical bed provided by the Ale Q and Sonny […]

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