[ELECTRO] 1DAFUL – “This Is Life”

This Is Life Art

Out now via Australian dance label VELCRO is a new one from electro party animals 1DAFUL. The duo consist up of MC TB1 and David A on production, and together they know how to stir up one helluva strong drink of EDM. “This Is Life” is a fine example of this; dance music is designed […]

[DUBSTEP] LAXX – “Rescue Me” (Free Download)

[DUBSTEP] LAXX - "Rescue Me" (Free Download)

Everyone likes free stuff don’t they? What’s not to like? You get something that you’ve spent zero money on, and when you also receive a storming piece of bass, things look even sweeter.  LAXX, the versatile producer representing SKisM’s Never Say Die, has been giving away music as part of his Step Free EP. A […]



I have this recurring nightmare. It terrifies me to lose my loneliness, to think that meeting someone might cause me to ‘embrace old stories’ and erase them for the sake of love. as this mercurial, tortured bit of hopeful pop by MAU advocates. Fresh starts are stellar and all, but it’s a ‘thin line’ between loving […]

[EVENT RECAP] You Take Xanax? I Take Trance: Future Sounds of Egypt 350 takes over New York City at historic Hammerstein Ballroom

[EVENT RECAP] You take Xanax? I take Trance: Future Sounds of Egypt 350 takes over New York City at historic Hammerstein Ballroom

What do you do when you have a bad week? Maybe you work out like a fiend, or perhaps you find your solace in the nearest pint of Häagen-Dazs. Or, maybe you just go straight for the vodka and call it a day. But if you’re on this site I’m guessing you are like me, […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Galimatias- Night Owl


I do the midnight mode mambo with my mind all the time. I’m writing this at 2:17am–an hour, even in the rural parts of Thailand where roosters roam every inch of the road, where even they would say ‘fuck off. this is too early to wake the world’.  But since I was 7 my blood […]

[CHILLED INDIETRONICA] Kilter – Coward (Feat. Ngaiire)


Insomnia. Defined as habitual sleeplessness. I find comfort through darkness by myself. Deep in thoughts, the mysteries I keep to myself are none that I am willing to share to those closest. Thoughts that brick by brick hold a barrier that contain my sanity. Connected by cement made by memories of my own struggles. Endlessly […]



Stream the debut single “Ghosts” from Andrei Eremin, the 22-year old Australian producer behind Chet Faker and Oscar Key Sung, to name a couple. The song gently punctures your soul with a moody, cinematic string section layered over colorful samples and subtle deep house beats. “Ghosts” serves as the perfect introduction to Andrei Eremin’s solo work. The […]

[Dubstep/House/Glitch Hop] Virtual Riot – We’re Not Alone EP

Virtual Riot

Don’t look now, but Virtual Riot just unveiled the dubstep song of the year. Yeah, I said it, and guess what? I won’t hesitate to repeat it. Virtual Riot, one of my favorite producers on the planet, just put out 2014′s most captivating dubstep anthem. Do I need to say it again? No? Okay, good. […]

[NEWS/ELECTRONIC] Counter Records Launch New Street Team + ODESZA – “Say My Name” (ft. Zyra)


The folks over at Counter Records have announced plans for a brand new street team. As home to Andreya Triana (singer/songwriter known for her work on Bonobo’s Black Sands LP) and the talented Submotion Orchestra, Counter are on the hunt for passionate, like-minded heads with a deep love for music. Using social media along with […]

[GLITCH-HOP/DUBSTEP] Teminite – ‘Elevate’ EP

[GLITCH-HOP/DUBSTEP] Teminite - 'Elevate' EP

Since the beginning of the 1990′s the internet has revolutionized the way we all share information, and It is undoubtedly one of the most important inventions of our lifetimes. While most people now a days take it for granted, I still have endless appreciation for it because it brings me new music, and music is […]