[420 PLAYLIST] The Sights And Sounds Picks Their Favorite Stoner Tracks

[420 PLAYLIST] The Sights And Sounds Picks Their Favorite Stoner Tracks

  Happy 4/20 everyone! The only date in the calender year where everyone who doesn’t smoke weed claims to and we all go along with it. National Stoner Day, as it’s infamously touted, April 20th has become a counterculture holiday that is celebrated in a haze of glory the world over. Shit, I’m celebrating right […]

[ELECTRO/SOUL] Gramatik ft. Raekwon and Orlando Napier – “Native Son” (Free Download)

Gramatik Coachella_zpsyiuojjml

  Late nights are nothing new to me. I’ve long since made friends with the moon and the stars shine to illuminate my desktop. The world moves a little slower at night and Earth’s vibrations slip under their covers and settle into a deeper rhythmic syncopation. Naturally I need my music to follow suit. I’ll […]

[FESTIVAL NEWS] Lightning In A Bottle Announces The Village Lineup + Temple of Consciousness Pre-Event In Los Angeles!


  As the tenth annual Lightning in a Bottle music and arts festival draws ever closer and our excitement grows ever deeper, the transformational fest has two major announcements to reign in the home stretch: The Village speaker lineup and The Temple of Consciousness pre-event In Los Angeles. The Village Speaker Lineup The Village is […]

[DARK POP] Goldroom//Mykonos + Daniel Johns//Aerial Love (Naderi Remix) + Angus & Julia Stone// From The Stalls (Fever 105 Remix)


  Came to here, my Mykonos. 6pm every Friday my taxi rolls up to Sathorn Soi 1. Dusk sets as I throw my passport on the counter. Muffle a name out of earshot. You still know me as Aydyn, 12 tete-a-tetes later.  Hiding, you’re clutching your bag with replacement underwear, powder and a toothbrush over […]

[OPPOSING VIEW] Crystal Castles Is a Frail Imitation of Itself, On ‘Frail’

crystal-castles7_00345394 (1)

  BRING HER BACK. Crystal Castles fans are a passionate bunch. This coming from a superfan that cried for 3 hours in a Bangkok internet cafe when they broke up last October. Heartbroken was not the proper adjective. I wrote this. And then I felt like the world was saying ‘untrust us’ and a knifed […]

[ELECTRONIC] Crystal Castles Without Alice Glass Is Anything But “Frail”

Photo Via Flikr

 Last fall, Alice Glass suddenly announced via twitter that she would be breaking up with Crystal Castles “for a multitude of reasons, both professional and personal” to branch out as a solo artist. She says “Although this is the end of the band, I hope my fans will embrace me as a solo artist in […]

[CONCERT RECAP] The Abbey Hosts Kinetik Groove, Stylust Beats, Kaminanda & Vibesquad

kinetik groove

  4/4/15 – It was my first time at The Abbey; don’t be fooled by the look of the Irish pub. I couldn’t fathom the idea of an electronic concert being held at this venue. Fuck was I wrong. Walking up to the entrance there was line of youngsters crowding into the street. Doors opened […]

[TICKET GIVEAWAY] Experience Life In Color’s ‘Big Bang’ with Bingo Players, DVBBS and 3LAU in Rosemont

[TICKET GIVEAWAY] Experience Life In Color's 'Big Bang' with Bingo Players, DVBBS and 3LAU in Rosemont

  ILLINOIS, ARE YOU READY?! Life In Color, touted as “The World’s Largest Paint Party”, is headed to the Donald E. Stephenson Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois, and they are bringing a world-class group of DJs to add even more sensory overload to the colorful mix. Headlining the Rosemont stop of Life In Color’s The […]

[FESTIVAL NEWS] Summerset Music Festival Leak Reveals Deadmau5, Bassnectar, Big Gigantic & More!

summerset festival

  As festival season dawns on the Americas, thousands of music lovers across the nation flock to social media for what is undoubtedly the most fun pre-festival ritual available: trying to guess the artists before any official lineup is released. Rumors and opinions abound online, and even if you aren’t betting the odds on headliners […]

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] Henrix & Bream Ft. Zashanell – “Alright”

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] Henrix & Bream Ft. Zashanell - "Alright"

  “Alright”…no, literally, that’s the name of the newest festival-ready single from Henrix & Bream, featuring Zashanell’s soaring female vocals. This is the type of record I’d expect to see used in a big festival trailer to ramp the hype up, and I won’t be surprised in the slightest if that sees the light of day. […]