[CONCERTS & FESTIVALS] Gear Up For North Coast With Our Handpicked Playlist

North Coast

North Coast Music Festival is notorious for boasting some of the most flashy lineups around. Chicago has always provided a home to this annual celebration of marvelous performers, but the blossoming event never fails to attract visitors from all around the globe. In order to make sure that our loyal readers are fully prepared to conquer this three-day […]

[BAND SPOTLIGHT] Fight Clvb’s First Rule? F*ck All Rules, Make Music (Maybe Love)


“The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club…” Yeah, we invoked its name. All the Edward Norton super-fans snarl. Like him. Yeah, you. The one in Oklahoma City sniffing that gym sock of ‘his’ you bought on e-bay. I see you. He’s never going to love you back. You’ll […]

[FESTIVAL/PHOTO RECAP] Splash House August Cranks The Heat With These Top 5 Performances

Splash House 2015 Week 2 WEB RES (16 of 40)

Splash House August Edition brought more than just heat to the Palm Springs area August 8th and 9th. Touting a stellar lineup of of some of the hottest names in dance, future, dirty bird, trap, and more, the two-day festival played out over three massive hotel pools and an impressive airplane hangar for the late […]

[INTERVIEW] Bombs Away On Getting Low


We’ve been all over party banger “Squats” from Oh Snap! and Bombs Away for some time, and decided we should find out a little about the making of it from Aussie pairing Bombs Away. Check out our exclusive interview below… Oh Snap! is on vocals for Squats. What do you think he brings to the track? […]

[DRUM & BASS] Wilkinson ft. Shannon Saunders – “Breathe”


My mind is racing. My body a whirling dervish. Every fiber of my being rejuvenated from these comforting reverberations. In the moment, I lose myself. Time no longer holds any relevance. My heart rate slowing to a standstill before spiraling wickedly out of control. Colors flash rapidly. Sonic shades that spray paint my eardrums. Lingering like the […]

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