[QUICK MIX – DEEP HOUSE] Joe Hertz – Deep House London Mix #047

As we spin onwards toward the next trend, one thing remains strongly apparent in many facets of the world at the moment, and that thing is class. I see it in Instagram posts, street art, underground hip-hop and electronic music, food trucks, record stores, start-ups, etc. I’m talking about class like the way your great […]

[ELECTRONIC] Kaskade – “Never Sleep Alone” (Louis The Child Remix)


“You shake me up the moment before sleep you’re calling out the demons inside me” I lay in bed another night, fighting the urge to let my mind wander to all the splendidly horrid things minds wander to before the dreamworld inevitably takes over. I can’t let my mind wander another night – it tends […]

[Electro Pop] Szjerdene – Are You Here


Delusional individuals, those that hold on to the ludicrous idea that in their bodies inhabits a soul, separate to our physical plane of existence, not bound by what holds us in one place but free to connect beyond borders, across time and distance. Regardless of my self-proclaimed romantic nature, destiny has always provided a feast […]

[Electro Pop] Keep Shelly in Athens – Benighted

Keep Shelly in Athens

The maze of faces carrying the shattered hearts I’ve left behind in my journey to find myself seems endless. I step around the yelling back to me of what they remember as an excuse, covering my face as if the memories were not true. They expected paradise and the most I ever gave was purgatory, […]

[Synth Pop] 1987 – YourLove/Ecstasy


The stars are shaping spots along the edge of your jaw, there’s not a single song that compares to the echo of your laugh on this empty beach tonight… do you remember the days when our hearts were young? Laying together on the roof of some overpriced machinery, reaching for the bottles on our passenger […]