Life is short and if you ever doubt or deny that, you’re fucking kidding yourself, but the joke is on you because time is fleeting and ignorance or denial of its brevity doesn’t slow or stop it, much the opposite – it will continue to throttle forward in absolute disregard of your false notions. Matters […]

[Minimalist/Ambient] Steve Hauschildt – “Vicinity”

steve hauschildt

Towers, constructed of brick and granite, float by like a cardiac pulse against my window. the morning sun paints my face in warm orange bursts as if by flash, as its waves navigate through the passing office buildings and cafes. Green Street Coffee, bank, New York style falafel, University Hospital, bank, bank, bank. Longing faces […]


  I’d rather be at home. All by myself. It’s a funny thing. Feeling. Feeling uncomfortable in a place where people are searching for comfort. Feeling unappreciated in a place where people are searching for appreciation. Feeling antisocial in a place where people go to feel social. Discovering a message. A meaning. An essence. It’s […]

[EXPERIMENTAL] Hunter/Game & Kura team up for new project Landside

Landside Moon

You can usually tell when a storm is coming–threatening purple haze creeps over the coast, the palms tilt their dreadlocked heads to sky and the ocean seems all the more eager to sweep you into its infinite arms. The very air holds a foreboding electricity, and you know to stay inside. Mother Nature gives us […]

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Kygo ft. Will Heard – “Nothing Left”

[TROPICAL HOUSE]  Kygo ft. Will Heard - "Nothing Left"

Tell me that you need me, to help you find your way. No, I don’t need anything. Please won’t you believe me, even if you don’t agree. It shouldn’t matter anyway. Don’t seek love through words of affirmation. I’ve sat by and watched you give and give and give, for the last 4 years, if […]

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