[CHILL/TRAP] Duke Dumont – “Need U (100%)” (Black Boots Remix) [Free Download]

[CHILL/TRAP] Duke Dumont - "Need U (100%)" (Black Boots Remix) [Free Download]

British producer/DJ Duke Dumont will be making a much anticipated stop in Chicago this weekend as he rounds out the rest of his North American tour. Probably best known for his hit single “Need U (100%)” featuring A*M*E – which was released more than a year ago, but which just peaked at the top of […]

[FESTIVAL PLAYLIST] Lightning In A Bottle 2014 Ft. Little Dragon, Gramatik, Lucent Dossier Experience, Baauer, & More!

[FESTIVAL PLAYLIST] Lightning In A Bottle 2014 Ft. Little Dragon, Gramatik, Lucent Dossier Experience, Bauuer, & More!

What started in 2000 as a back yard birthday party, Lightning in a Bottle has transformed over the years into not only a music festival but an introduction into a new way of thinking and a new way of living. With an equal balance of music, art, yoga, workshops, and educational speakers, LIB goes beyond […]

[ELECTRONIC/MINIMAL] Hauschka – ‘Abandoned City’ Album Review

hauschka - abandoned city_featured

I’m going to go out on a limb and trust that you, The Sights and Sounds reader, are going to be more than a little into Hauschka’s Abandoned City. Its scratchy, muted piano keys and barely-detectable production are probably not what your senses are accustomed to confronting. And musically Hauschka takes as much from classical-cum-experimental […]

[CHILLED] Zedd – “Find You” (Sci-Fi Scheme Remix) [Free Download]

[CHILLED] Zedd - "Find You" (Sci-Fi Scheme Remix) [Free Download]

Sometimes life just doesn’t give you a single breath of fresh air as you struggle under the constant demands of life, surrounded by impending deadlines and expectations – drowning under the pressures of all that needs to be done. I see it everywhere – hell, I’m guilty of it on a daily basis – repeating […]


Ryan Hemsworth takes over this Quick Mix with his blend of chilled-out hip hop and bass vibes in his “Cool DJ Mix”. “First mix of 2014 and it feels good to be back. This is what my brain feels like and it’s weird. Listen to this on headphones when you’re zooted on a greyhound bus […]

[ELECTRONIC/BASS] Tinashe ft. Schoolboy Q – “2 On” (TOKiMONSTA Remix) [Free Download]

[ELECTRONIC/BASS] Tinashe ft. Schoolboy Q - "2 On" (TOKiMONSTA remix)

As I lay in bed, wrapping my thoughts for the day and getting ready for some zzz’s, I can’t help but crave the late night companionship so many others seem to find so easily. You know, your boo, the person you can cuddle up next to and fall asleep with. Luckily, I have music to […]

[CHILL/HOUSE] Flume – “Holdin On” (Win & Woo Remix) [Free Download]

[CHILL/HOUSE] Flume - "Holdin On" (Win & Woo Remix) [Free Download]

When it comes to getting in the zone, hanging out or relaxing, there’s hardly a better choice than Australian beat maker Flume. His intoxicating rhythms and rich, melodic textures create a perfect blend for chilled out escapism. And perhaps one of Flume’s most well known tracks for drifting off into the soundscape comes in the […]

[CHILL/ELECTRONIC] Point Point – “Life In Grey”

[CHILL/ELECTRONIC] Point Point - "Life In Grey"

You know that feeling you get when you find a $20 bill on the ground? That sense of, “Holy Shit! It’s my lucky day! How has no one else stumbled upon this great find just lying here on the ground?” At which point you usually stop into the nearest pub for a round of shots. […]

[QUICK MIX - ELECTRO/SOUL] FKJ – ‘Beauty & The Beats Mix’

New mix from FKJ for Eton Messy Music Records’ Beauty and The Beats mix series. “Soulful tracks that inspired me, and a few of mines. No predominant style, no rules. Cheers” -FKJ     TRACKLIST 1- Freddie Joachim – Strawberries 2- Blu – A letter 3- Booster feat Juan Rozoff – You Are the One […]

[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -”Something About Us” (Daft Punk Cover) [Free Download]

[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -"Something About Us" (Daft Punk Cover)

Sometimes you just want to tell another person how madly you burn for them, craving their words and needing their affection so bad that it literally keeps you up at night, knawing at your grey matter until it turns to mush. You long for this person and constantly crave their company – and perhaps you’re […]