[DEEP HOUSE] July Child – “When You Call” (Deepend remix)

deepend remix large

  I’ll never quite understand the intrinsic pull that one human being can feel toward another. Science has attributed it to genetic chemistry and pheromones, those of a more spiritual orientation call it finding a soulmate, and people like me…don’t even try to explain it. Some things, in my opinion, are not meant to be […]

[QUICK MIX] L.A.M.P. Weekly Mix #41 ft. Mr Puzl [FREE DOWNLOAD]

 Click play and kick back as MR PUZL takes us on a ride through wide open spaces rich with deep house, low end jazz melodies, growling bass, soulful vocal samples, and subtle tech house tracks that have been some of the recent favorites of MR PUZL. He selected an interesting and diverse collection of songs that […]



  A distant land where the rivers of rhythm never run dry and the melodies in the wind are only the most soulful and powerful. That’s where I want to be. Where the combination of noises are vibrant with life, with tone, with volume. Luckily, this place exists and we’re going to take a sonic […]

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Mynga feat. Cosmo Klein – “Back Home” (Thomas Jack remix)


  I’ve never been much for astrology because every Cancer profile I’ve ever read has confidently pronounced that I must be an introverted homebody, an ugly little ball of emotion who seeks shelter beneath her own thick skin. Anyone who knows me well would tell you quite the opposite; I returned from a solo trip […]


figgy-missing you

  In the realm of dance music and electronic producers, there definitely seems to be a theme of this chilled-out, easy-going theme of relaxed beats, slowed down house, and funky/soul/R&B undertones and rhythms. The popularity of vocal edits and vocal samples is truly changing the way beats and instrumental dance tracks are created. There is so […]


something good-01

  There’s always a been moments in history, no matter where you’re from, where people have had to fight to stand up for what they believed in. It’s no different these days. With the recent Climate Change March that happened in NYC, as well as other major cities around the globe, we’re truly living at […]

[QUICK MIX - DOWNTEMPO DISCO] Face To Face With Todd Edwards – Guest Mix by Ruckus Roboticus

  Pulse. It’s the tempo of our life. The speed of our lifestyle. It’s the colors of our glimmering cities at night. It occurs as the seasons change. It’s movement, up and down, side by side. We’re all set in our own rhythm and pace, though it’s not just ours, it is also a part of […]

[QUICK MIX - CHILL/MELODIC HOUSE] unueberlegt – “Schmetterlingseffekt (Butterfly Effect)” [Free Download]

  I was completely lost at what exactly the title of this mix was trying to tell me, so thank goodness for 21st century tech like Babel Fish. What I found out were two things. The first is that “Schmetterlingseffekt” translated to “Butterfly Effect” – the title of this 2+ hours of bliss – and […]

[Ambient/Minimalist] Steve Hauschildt – Watertowers

Air Texture Vol 4

  Just sit there and hear those overlapping melodies. Just listen. Let them submerge you, drawing you in like a current below the star-studded sheen of a lapping brook. Let them take you away from wherever it is you are and most likely don’t want to be. Listen to the twinkling piano telling the synths […]



  The sun is out. The sky is clear. It’s a dream, but you can feel the warmth of the light and the cool wind in your face. You’re driving along the coastline and though you’re not sure how you got there, you can’t help but notice everything is in slow motion. The past is […]