[SHOW REVIEW] Netsky “Stay Up With Me” LIVE Tour


 Photo Credit: Freshtodeath.com I woke up with a ringing in my ears louder than you could imagine, a sore wrist, black bruises across my ribs and without the ability to turn my head sideways. You’re probably thinking, Jesus, did this girl get beat up? Basically. Drum and Bass shows are scarce here in Vancouver. Sure […]

[NEWS/DUBSTEP] XDI, WompWorthy, Stay Gold Promotions and Medusa’s Present The 3rd Annual Winter Formal Ft.: Dack Janiels, Bukez Finezt, Sadhu b2b Genetix, Haunta & More


 XDI events, WompWorthy, Stay Gold Promotions and Medusa’s are back with their 3rd Annual Winter Formal at Medusa’s in Elgin, where the name of the game is pure, unadulterated, filthy, grimy, violent BASS, straight from the depths of dubstep hell.  With the likes of underground heavyweights Dack Janiels, Bukez Finezt, Haunta, and the return of […]

[NEWS] Datsik Ninja Nation 2015 Tour Dates Announced!

[NEWS] Datsik Ninja Nation 2015 Tour Dates Announced!

  I was casually browsing through my otherwise somewhat depressing Thursday afternoon newsfeed, when THIS bad-boy decided to show himself. Datsik‘s new Ninja Nation 2015 Tour? WHAT!!! With the likes of ETC! ETC!, Kennedy Jones, Trolley-fucking-Snatcha, Truth, Barely Alive, Bear Grillz, Fox Stevenson, and last but most certainly not least TWINE, I fully expected this […]

[FESTIVAL RECAP] – HARD Day of the Dead Delivers on Music, Lacks on Logistics


 Photo: Rolling Stone Magazine Saturday, November 1st – Day 1 3:00 p.m.   Our cab drops us off at the bustling taxi area of the Pomona Fairplex, which is a massive fairground that the HARD team transformed into the venue for their Day of the Dead Halloween festival. I have those damn pre-festival jitters the […]

[PHOTO RECAP] See You In The Pit: Behind The Scenes With Upon A Burning Body

[PHOTO RECAP] See You In The Pit: Behind The Scenes With Upon A Burning Body

  For a band that makes a lot of noise you would expect the men of Upon A Burning Body to be your typical loud rockstar types before a show. Oddly enough they are quite the opposite. Keeping to themselves, sipping on a drink or two or even catching up on their phone, these guys […]

[FESTIVAL RECAP + PHOTOS] Life Is Beautiful: Beautiful, Indeed

Life Is Beautiful 2014 web res (40 of 40)

  Life is Beautiful descended on Las Vegas in a flurry of music, art, and food. Downtown Las Vegas was transformed from a few blocks of shops and restaurants into a work of art of its own, as local artists took to the streets (quite literally) and put their mark on the sides of buildings. […]

[CONCERT/PHOTO RECAP] See You In The Pit: The Black Mass Tour

[CONCERT/PHOTO RECAP] See You In The Pit: The Black Mass Tour

  The most beautiful thing that can ever happen at a show is when you go in with absolutely no expectations whatsoever. And while I am huge fan of some of the bands I saw on this particular night, I was blown away by the experience I had when I went to the Black Mass […]

[TICKET GIVEAWAY] Get Haunted With Hardwell At UIC Pavilion, Halloween Night

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] I AM HARDWELL Tour: The Essential Playlist

  “The whole world has watched this show now,” says Hardwell. “It’s finally time to bring this concept to America.” The I AM HARDWELL World Tour will kick off on Halloween night in Chicago for the inaugural show of his North American jaunt. Spanning 19 countries to date, I AM HARDWELL features the Dutch DJ […]

[PHOTO RECAP] See You In The Pit: Behind The Scenes With X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons’ Into The Jungle Tour

[PHOTO RECAP] See You In The Pit: Behind The Scenes With X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons' Into The Jungle Tour

  A muggy Chicago day. Overcast and drizzling. Just another unpredictable day in Chicago. I walk down an alley next to Lincoln Hall in Chicago and am greet warmly by the guys of X-Ambassadors. For the next few hours I quietly observe as the band sets up their equipment for the night’s show. From load […]

[Concerts & Festivals] Suwannee Hulaween

Suwannee Hulaween

  With Halloween just over a week away, it only seemed appropriate for us share the vital details about one of the larger events set to take place next weekend. Suwannee Hulaween is the type of celebration that brings out all of the true freaks. Headlined by three nights of the String Cheese Incident (from […]