[Drum & Bass] Netsky Vs Metrik – Can’t Speak (Ft. Stealth)

Netsky Vs Metrik

  2014 has been quite the massive year for Metrik. Between his wildly popular remix of Gorgon City’s “Unmissable” and his ridiculously diverse Universal Language album, this musician has suddenly become one of DnB’s prime time producers – and for those of you that thought he would just quietly cruise into 2015 from here on […]

[DRUM & BASS] Viper Recordings – “Decade Of Viper” LP


  After the huge hype surrounding the album launch party earlier this month, the time has now come for a “Decade of Viper” to enter our lives. It comes as one of the most influential labels in the drum and bass world reach the double digits upon their milestone year – Viper Recordings.  “Decade of […]

[DUBSTEP] Tim Ismag – “Anime Fight” & Remixes


  Russian bass producer Tim Ismag is back with one hell of a tune, following releases on labels such as Firepower and Play Me. “Anime Fight” drops via the home of one of the greatest bass producers out there, Excision’s Rottun Records. Along with the original, we get a selection of remixes, all equally as grimy, […]

[DUBSTEP] 501 – “Crystallize”


  Out now is the hurricane of an EP “Crystallize” from 501. Released through his home label Never Say Die Records, it comes a year or so after the equally huge “Beat The System” EP and joins the ranks with label founder SKisM and the superstar Zomboy. On a whole it is what we would […]

[DRUM & BASS] Ownglow – “Gold/Tension”


  There are many ways to make an entrance into the electronic music scene; still to date the best is with a phenomenal debut single. This is exactly what British producer Ownglow has succeeded in doing with his brand new double-sided single released on Pilot Records. Even with just two tracks, it is apparent to […]

[DUBSTEP] Diskord – “Release Me”


  Diskord are hitting us again with release number two from their newfound home, Circus Records. “Release Me” comes after the October release, “Tell Me Why”, which was widely supported by artists such as Antiserum, Dillon Francis and TC. Diskord certainly take you through a journey with this one. Starting off with a more mellow approach, […]

[NEWS/DUBSTEP] Trollphace First Release on Never Say Die In January?


     Never Say Die records, based in the UK (the birthplace of dubstep, no less) is a force to be reckoned with, consistently putting out high quality material at an exceptional rate. Heavy producers Megalodon, Barron, Trampa, and Bar9 are just a few of the monsters who have released tracks and mixes on the […]

[SHOW REVIEW] Netsky “Stay Up With Me” LIVE Tour


 Photo Credit: Freshtodeath.com I woke up with a ringing in my ears louder than you could imagine, a sore wrist, black bruises across my ribs and without the ability to turn my head sideways. You’re probably thinking, Jesus, did this girl get beat up? Basically. Drum and Bass shows are scarce here in Vancouver. Sure […]

[NEWS/DUBSTEP] XDI, WompWorthy, Stay Gold Promotions and Medusa’s Present The 3rd Annual Winter Formal Ft.: Dack Janiels, Bukez Finezt, Sadhu b2b Genetix, Haunta & More


 XDI events, WompWorthy, Stay Gold Promotions and Medusa’s are back with their 3rd Annual Winter Formal at Medusa’s in Elgin, where the name of the game is pure, unadulterated, filthy, grimy, violent BASS, straight from the depths of dubstep hell.  With the likes of underground heavyweights Dack Janiels, Bukez Finezt, Haunta, and the return of […]

[NEWS/DUBSTEP] Excision Announces 2015 Tour


  Excision’s recent release, “Night Shine” was sheer brilliance. Teaming up with The Frim and Luciana, the dubstep pioneer delivered a flawless production once again and is now set for travels with the announcement of his 2015 tour set for Canada and North America. As you would expect from an Excision tour, an enormous production team […]