[Drum & Bass/Dubstep] Rameses B – Dream Catcher EP

Rameses B

 Very few people would dispute that 2014 has been a ridiculously busy year for Rameses B. After releasing a full-length album (Reborn) and a handful of additional tunes in connection with Liquicity (one of YouTube’s largest drum & bass channels), the master of meaningful vibrations has swiftly returned for more action with his two-track Dream […]

[Dubstep/Drum & Bass] Steven Lee – Love Crazy Love (Ft. Carol C) (Fox Stevenson Remix)

Fox Stevenson

  It’s become somewhat of a shock when Fox Stevenson unveils a new tune without his vocals on it. The benefit of doing this however, is that it forces us to shift our focus towards the unreal production value that his high-energy brand of bass music possesses. In his latest release, this thriving artist assembles […]

[DRUM N’ BASS/ELECTRONIC] Cazzette – Sleepless (Count Ninjula Remix)

count ninjula

  As most of you can agree, life is quite the adventure. It includes the Yin and the Yang. It encompasses the beauty of a starry night and the extremities of nature. Each and every one of us wakes up every single day with an outlook on how we think the following day, week, month, […]

[DRUM & BASS] The Prototypes – “Don’t Let Me Go”

[DRUM & BASS] The Prototypes - "Don't Let Me Go"

  Hailing from Brighton, UK, this dance floor orientated Drum & Bass duo have just released a stunningly euphoric single, ready for their debut LP City Of Gold to drop at the end of summer. “Don’t Let Me Go/Humanoid” is the follow up to The Prototypes’ stomping “Pale Blue Dot”, which they released shortly after […]

[DRUM N BASS] Kill The Zo – “Part I”

[DRUM N BASS] Kill The Zo - "Part I"

  To christen the beginning of their month long tour, Mat Zo & Kill The Noise ­– otherwise known as Kill The Zo ­– have released the first part to what we can only hope is a very long series of collaborative productions. I don’t think we’ve seen musical minds mesh this well since Skrillex […]

[Drum & Bass] Liquicity – Escapism Vol. 1


  Once in awhile I come across a production so perfectly crafted that I’m forced to let it speak for itself. Case in point, Liquicity’s Escapism Vol. 1. Officially released all the way back on February 17th, the entire album is finally available to stream via SoundCloud. If liquid drum and bass is your forte, […]

[Drumstep/Drum & Bass] Koda – Staying (DotEXE Remix)


  Here’s something a little out of the ordinary! Chill drumstep. Yes, you heard me correctly, it’s a real thing. When you hear the term “drumstep,” I can’t blame you for immediately thinking of big name producers like Figure, Terravita, & Dirtyphonics. However, this vibrant DotEXE reconstruction approaches the genre from an entirely different angle. Better […]

[Drumstep/Drum & Bass] Rootkit – Do It


  Quality melodic drumstep doesn’t just fall into my lap everyday. So when it does, please forgive me for losing my cool for a brief moment. “Do It” is the first sampling I’ve had of this 16-year-old Norwegian producer’s electrifying sound and if this tune is any indicator of what his future holds, then I […]

[Dubstep/Drum & Bass] Datsik & Terravita – Losing Control

Datsik & Terravita

  In an effort to get us even more excited for their forthcoming Rituals EP, due out April 1st on Firepower Records, Terravita put in a request for the services of the label’s prestigious headmaster. Heeding the trio’s call, Datsik was quick to grab his cape and suit up for superhero duty! Just like that, “Losing Control” […]

[Drum & Bass] Fred V & Grafix – Recognise

Fred V & Grafix

  It’s the beginning of another work week and I couldn’t think of a better way to brighten up your day than with a new drum & bass track from Fred V & Grafix. And guess what? I’ve happened to have found one! This dominant duo has been one of my favorite DnB acts for […]