Kylie Minogue‘s I Was Gonna Cancel is one of the standout tracks off of her 12th studio effort Kiss Me Once that combines the best of Pharrell‘s production genius and all things Kylie. On the other hand, the album’s second single and one of the year’s most joyous and uplifting pop releases, thus far, has […]

[DARK DANCE] Florrie- Free Falling


So, about that time you fell from the sky. You let yourself fall, you freaky fucker, because it felt freeing to put your fist in the air and let it hit a grand total of nothing. Fighting with fisiticuffs against life felt like freedom, until you walked away bloody a too few many times from […]

[ELECTRONICA] Night Cruise – “Sunsets” + “Mah Body (Say My Wat)” [Free Download]

[ELECTRONICA] Night Cruise - "Sunsets" + "Mah Body (Say My Wat)"

Chicago’s weather is a cruel bitch. With temperatures reaching near 60 degrees over the last couple days, it seems only rational that it should snow 17 inches tomorrow, right? Such is the schizophrenic psycho attitude of the Windy City. With sun and warmth drenching the city, Monday’s beautiful weather not only brought out the shorts […]

[MONTHLY] Ghost Heart Goes Alone: Best of 02.2013


Photos courtesy of Deptford Goth. CATCH a FREE DOWNLOAD of the tracks featured here by going HERE.<—-Yes, that linky thing. 2014′s been choice thus far in soundtracking my time in the wilderness.  Not actual wilderness;because fuck nature, fuck yo tree, and  fuck  yo mountain.  If I wanted to troll around a place where something might […]

[HOUSE] Passenger – “Let Her Go” (Andy Caldwell Bootleg Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Grammy nominated American house DJ and producer Andy Caldwell has effectively remixed one of the biggest radio hits of the moment, British folk rock band Passenger‘s Let Her Go. The remix comes as a nice surprise as to date, there haven’t been many major (or very good) remixes of the chart hit. Andy changes this […]

[ELECTRONIC] Wave Racer – “Streamers” (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

[ELECTRONIC] Wave Racer - "Streamers" (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Question: What happens when you take two trend setting producers, let them loose on each others’ music and say, “Have fun!”? That’s like asking what would happen if you let Picasso go nuts on a Salvador Dahli. The result is insanely creative, mouth wateringly delicious and highly quirky, and that’s exactly what Ryan Hemsworth and […]

[DANCE] – Tyler Sherrit at Studio Paris, Chicago – FREE SHOW

Tyler Sherritt Studio Paris

New York Trance sensation, Tyler Sherritt, returns to Chicago on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 to grace the decks over at one of Chicago’s finest establishments, Studio Paris. Along fan favorites such as his hit Petrichord, he will, no doubt, be debuting a plethora of new and yet-to-be-released tracks to add to his collection of euphoric […]

[PREMIERE/DARK POP] Mira, Un Lobo!- Serotonin


  I feel like a quarter of the man I am. Packaged, gift wrapped and unceremoniously tossed under a random tree in the forest are my limbs. All that’s left of me is a bit of mind, a vision to peer into the distance to find the loudly colored card attached to my appendages that […]

[HOUSE] Mr. Probz – “Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)”


Sometimes, for some unknown reason, a wonderful thing happens and amongst all of the generic and tired hooks, riffs, and drops that is the current state of progressive house, a real gem rises like a phoenix and manages to breach the upper reaches of the Beatport Top 10. This month, that gem is undoubtedly Waves; […]

[MINIMALIST/EXPERIMENTAL] Actress – ‘Ghettoville’ EP Review

actress - ghettoville_featured

On his latest release, London-based Darren Cunningham, under his moniker Actress, has a lofty agenda planned for you. And he won’t let you know what it is before he’s ready. In “Ghettoville”, Actress doesn’t so much try to capture you and rope you in against your will – he’s more interested in inconspicuously “doing his […]