[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] On The Phone With Indie Pop Icon RAC

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] On The Phone With Indie-Pop Icon RAC 1

  André Allen Anjos, the mastermind behind RAC, is ready for a break. After touring almost non-stop for 5 years, releasing some of the biggest remixes of the last couple years, as well as writing and recording his debut album, Strangers, this year, he could use some R&R. But don’t worry fans, André isn’t going […]

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] In Conversation With: Investo


  Progressive house producer Investo has just unleashed the wonderfully charismatic “A Place To Go”, featuring the huge talent that is Tara McDonald on vocal duties. As an artist who is only just starting to transition into the genre, he is in a great place to establish a signature sound. We caught up with Investo […]

[FESTIVAL RECAP] – HARD Day of the Dead Delivers on Music, Lacks on Logistics


 Photo: Rolling Stone Magazine Saturday, November 1st – Day 1 3:00 p.m.   Our cab drops us off at the bustling taxi area of the Pomona Fairplex, which is a massive fairground that the HARD team transformed into the venue for their Day of the Dead Halloween festival. I have those damn pre-festival jitters the […]

[TOP SOUNDS] Best of RAC- We Count Down Our Top 7 Sounds

[TOP SOUNDS] Best of RAC- We Count Down Our Top 7 Sounds

  Throw some RAC fans at a pile of his tracks and tell them to ‘grab, grab, grab motherfuckers’ what of his they’d consider best of the best and, surely, you’re going to get as many different lists as there are minds involved. André Allen Anjos, aka RAC of today, is prolific as fuck. That […]



  With his incredible new single featuring Alicia Madison out this week, and with the likes of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike singing his praises, we thought we’d find a little more out about Belgian producer and DJ DIMARO, including how he made his latest track. Where did the inspiration come from in the creation […]


MAU - Artwork

  A muted disaffection, a cold affair with the world where we whisper sounds of our discontentment into tumblers of scotch–that’s the sound of our generation. We are a disconnected generation. We look at the world and it stares back placidly as it shrugs–it’s forgotten who we even are. And we sit in our bedrooms and […]



 Our Pride Month(s) series has been exploring the ways that queer art and music is developing in an ever changing and supposedly more progressive world. But we don’t just want you to hear our voices here at The Sights and Sounds. Which is why we’re also bringing you a set of interviews featuring queer artists […]

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Big Gigantic Talks Pirate Ships and Plays Truth Or Dare With Us

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Big Gigantic Talks Pirate Ships and Plays Truth Or Dare With Us

  Colorado-based duo Big Gigantic have almost single-handedly helped bring live-instrumentation electronic music to the masses. Now a breeding ground for massive talent such as GRiZ, The Floozies, Gramatik, and many more, the genre has exploded in recent years. But if you ask Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken, they will tell you that they “still […]

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Strange Talks With Strange Talk: We Chat About Australian Women, Climbing Stuff, And Coming To America (The Movie)

exclusive interview with Strange Talk - The Sights and Sounds

    When it comes to music from Australia, the first things that come to mind are summery, synth-drenched vibes and driving, upbeat melodies. Perhaps it’s the almost year-round summer sun or the countless adventure possibilities available, but concepts of freedom, good times and friends abound from the country down under. One band that encapsulates […]

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Geoff Weers, Lead Singer of The Expendables Talks Tinder, Touring and T-Rex’s

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Geoff Weers, Lead Singer of The Expendables Talks Tinder, Touring and T-Rex's

  The Expendables live and breathe music. It’s evident in their endless touring schedule, their seemingly infinite number of SoundCloud uploads, and in their conversations. They are a group that comes around rarely, sticking together as a band of buds through the insane ups and downs of living lives as professional musicians, only growing stronger […]