[MEET THE CREW] Ryan Burns- Experimental + Ambient Music Correspondent


RYAN BURNS// EXPERIMENTAL + AMBIENT MUSIC CORRESPONDENT SPECIAL NOTE: At The Sights and Sounds we take music at a deeper level. We just don’t live to tell you about music, we literally fucking live for music. It changes us. Defines us. And in the eternal words of Lana Del Rey, ‘helps us make our lives […]

[FESTIVAL INFOGRAPHIC] Five Non-Headliners You Should Check Out at Mysteryland 2015


As festival season kicks into high gear and all the big shindigs announce their lineups, it’s the headliners who always take front and center. As Mysteryland USA is a mere weeks away, we wanted to shine the spotlight on the artists who are still making it happen away from the main stage. It’s no question […]

[DARK POP] Jose Gonzalez- Let It Carry You (Holy Ghost! Remix)


When you long to loose the anchor Loosen built up tension Let it carry you away Felt freedom for the first time. Friday nights, I’d buy my ticket for the minivan. The 4 hour ride to Bangkok. Me, myself and 12 fucking stangers that won’t say a word to me. The wind from those windows […]

[HIP HOP] Post Malone- White Iverson (The Knocks Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


White Iverson When I started ballin’ I was young You gon’ think about me when I’m gone I need that money like the ring I never won, I won Big fan of the ego. I am. Always am. No, really. You got it, flaunt it. You don’t got it, shout out swag–pretend–until you do. Rip […]

[DARK POP] Urban Cone // Come Back To Me (Redial Remix) + HEALTH// New Coke+ NZCA Lines// Not Strong Enough


Lean myself up against the bathroom sink. Forearms turned in on themselves. Backwards. Red, inflamed knuckles holding on for dear life, losing their breath and looking up at my face to say what the fuck. It’s all a little desperate. Metacarpals making any attempt to grip the counter to counter the little pleads of my […]