[DARK INDIETRONICA] Hozier – Take Me To Church (TEEMID & Jasmine Thompson Edition) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


  My nose nuzzles into a field of your chest hair. Each hair like a UN peacekeeper, giving me asylum. They wrap their way around my face as I wrap my arms around a 40″ chest, legs around a 32″ waist. These hairs, as I nestle they carry me to refuge. Me, this refugee from […]



  I wrote a letter to a friend. I’d just woken up from a coma. Literally. And I took this notebook I’d used when the tubes were down my throat to flash things in front of nurses like icechipsplease. icantbreathe. gottapeegottapeegottapee (kidding, catheter. lolz) because I wanted my hand to reclaim power. I wanted to […]

[MONTHLY] All The Ghosts Wearing My Clothes (Best Sounds 01.2015)


  A playlist about midnight mode walking through the city, looking back and seeing all the ghosts behind you, in perfect step. I didn’t notice they were wearing clothes of mine they nicked. They stole a little bit of my armour when we collided. But, fuck. All the fashions. All the years. They wear them […]

[ FESTIVAL RECAP ] Why Coachella Trumps Any “EDM” Festival


  Oh, Coachella… You beautiful thing, you.  Maybe now that it’s been almost a year since we ended, I can finally stop pretending I don’t have to cope with real life and begin to reflect on the times we shared. If this sounds like a sappy breakup letter, fear not– I have many more weekends […]

[END OF YEAR] No Standing, Only Dancing – Best of House 2014

[END OF YEAR] No Standing, Only Dancing - Best of House 2014

  The past couple of years have been the most groundbreaking for electronic music since the eighties; this year, it seems as if those new fans were beginning to move beyond the “EDM” phase to the more cultured subgenres of the scene. No matter what your personal cup of tea is, we all love dance […]

[END OF YEAR] Bring The Noise: The Best Dubstep Of 2014

[END OF YEAR] Bring The Noise: The Best Dubstep Of 2014

  When we look back on the year for dubstep, there were a couple crucial elements that immediately jumped out at us. Between “Terror Squad” parodies, Riddim’s rapid emergence, and hearing the phrase “dubstep is dead” tossed around like a rag doll, 2014 was definitely one for the record books. Sure, this bass music subgenre […]

[C-STORIES] Part 1: Ignacio Screaming in Traffic (ft. Young the Giant, IYES, Purity Ring, BLCK-WHT, MC-1995)


  SPECIAL NOTE: C-Stories aka Cancer-Stories is a short run, multi-part series about the intimacy, the power, the sexuality, all the feelings of being a cancer patient. All the things people ignore when they see you only in the sick role. These are vignettes, snapshots of a total picture. Each part will explore a different […]

[END OF YEAR] Chicago Producers Pick Their Top 5 Tracks Of 2014

[END OF YEAR] Chicago Producers Pick Their Top 5 Tracks Of 2014

  We here at The Sights and Sounds pride ourselves on being an extremely hands on blog. We’re out in the thick of it, talking to artists, DJ’s, producers and fans all the time. And while we serve an international community, we’ll never forget the city we call home: Chicago. It’s been the inspiration for […]

[END OF YEAR] No Nonsense: The Best Hip-Hop Of 2014

[END OF YEAR] No Nonsense: The Best Hip-Hop Of 2014

  I’ve always been a fan of hip-hop and rap. The production and originality grabbed me from the get-go. The fact that it was a simple two-part recipe, a beat and a lyricist, always amazed me, because the result was always the same, true art born from thoughts on the mind put to rhythm. I […]

[END OF YEAR] The Sights And Sounds’ Best Photos Of 2014

[END OF YEAR] The Sights And Sounds' Best Photos Of 2014

  Expanding to international coverage in 2014, The Sights and Sounds saw it’s writers and photographers globetrotting all over this green and blue ball of ours in search of the best musical experiences they could find. It took us through Europe and down into South Africa, from the UK and all the way to the […]