[DARK INDIETRONICA] Dillon Francis-When We Were Young (Grandtheft Remix)


  Being hitched to whatever ride my darkness takes me on has it’s benefits. I’m jumping on the back of motorbikes of men I just met that I’m 100% sure are mob assets.  All because I’m just as sure they’re heading  towards the next bump of energy in the night.  I’m teaching English to ‘massage […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Born Gold- Until You Heal


  I was to start this year at war.  I swore I needed it. Really.  It’s been Baghdad inside me, at least since the year genocide donned a cocktail mask and rode bombs into the downtown core cooing ‘Don’t mind me, I’m freeeedom!’. 2003. Fuck.  A whole generation of baby memories grew up in that time […]

[PHOTO RECAP] See You In The Pit: Behind The Scenes With X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons’ Into The Jungle Tour

[PHOTO RECAP] See You In The Pit: Behind The Scenes With X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons' Into The Jungle Tour

  A muggy Chicago day. Overcast and drizzling. Just another unpredictable day in Chicago. I walk down an alley next to Lincoln Hall in Chicago and am greet warmly by the guys of X-Ambassadors. For the next few hours I quietly observe as the band sets up their equipment for the night’s show. From load […]

[DARK POP] Real Lies – North Circular (Local Hero Remix)


  Solitude sinks its teeth into my stomach. It’s got me twisted up in knots, shooting glances at my gut–not trusting it knows how to get me back to humanity.  So, I pacify it with whiskey.  Shot after shot across every bar stool I can find in Thailand.  And I sit in silence and stare […]

[STATE OF SOUND] New Artists Soundcast #6: Tiny Deaths, Feki, Telescope Thieves, Goodzie


  STATE OF SOUND is a feature on The Sights and Sounds where we select new electronically focused bands/artists (either Soundcloud/Facebook followers < 3000) and bring their best songs to light. Getting traction on blogs can be a pain in the ass if you don’t already have a connection in, but we happen to think […]


MAU - Artwork

  A muted disaffection, a cold affair with the world where we whisper sounds of our discontentment into tumblers of scotch–that’s the sound of our generation. We are a disconnected generation. We look at the world and it stares back placidly as it shrugs–it’s forgotten who we even are. And we sit in our bedrooms and […]



  There’s an indelible Crystal Castles shaped hole on my heart today, following news of their breakup via member Alice Glass (h/t Line of Best Fit). And I won’t fill it, I can’t fill it with the sounds of any other band.  I’m left here holding my heart, feeling each beat; and  I catch myself remembering […]

[FESTIVAL RECAP] TomorrowWorld: Yesterday is History, But We’re Shaping Tomorrow’s Mystery

TomorrowWorld 2014 (33 of 81)

  Last weekend, the American festival season celebrated its finale at TomorrowWorld. As expected, it went out with a bang. A year ago, I attended TomorrowWorld for one fateful day at its inaugural US debut as a newcomer to the electronic music scene. I was blown away. It was on those Georgia grounds I was […]

[EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE - INDIE/ROCK] Glass Elephant – “Toledo”

[EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE - INDIE/ROCK]  Glass Elephant - "Toledo"

  Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a sound of the season. A certain genre or style that fit my long-term moods in which I could express myself simply by listening. Music has always been there for me, even when I’ve felt as though no one else was – and in my understanding […]

[FESTIVAL PREVIEW] TomorrowWorld 2014 Playlist: This Year’s Must See Artists

[FESTIVAL PREVIEW] TomorrowWorld 2014 Playlist: This Year's Must See Artists

  In just three days, thousands of people will flock once again to Chattahoochee, Georgia for the second installment of TomorrowWorld. After a successful first run, the Belgian-born spin-off of the illustrious Tomorrowland promises even bigger and better things to come this year. Between the larger-than-life 400-ft volcano stage, overnight-star Kygo replacing Avicii on the […]