[DARK POP] Burnt Your Breasts: New Singles by Aaron Taos, Powers, Disclosure/SG Lewis + Charli XCX/BØRNS


I know what we’re doing. So obvious. See you sitting, alone. Sixty-story skyscrapers shout their shadow seventy metres in front of you. Weak. Fuck physics. You sigh, shout the shadow in your heart seven hundred metres in every direction. Kaleidoscopic, all that killer sombreness. Could love me–I, you. I know. Walk towards me, I run […]

[CHILL DUBSTEP] Fractal – “Gaia” Album Exploration


Gaia‘s an LP you need to unplug for. Unplug your mind from straightforward currents. Wallsocket to Device. You, the device. Powered Up. Powered Off. At the flick of a switch. Disconnect from the grid. Your footsteps like friction. They kickup the city’s sidewalk grime like coal dust. Ignite it into flames. Ride the subway ephemeral. […]

[DARK POP] Him Meet World On Fire: Singles by Olivver, YUNG WULF, Madeira , D.R.U + Nayio Bitz

match 3

PHOTO CREDIT// GEORGE NEBULA Match meet flame meet the moment a man’s mind needed to scream. Boom. My throat wails wildfires, motherfuckers. Watched him light his apartment building on fire. 0.127 metre fists meet 5 metre glass pane meet million sidewalk pieces. Said his fists were fragile. All crouching tiger, hidden dragon—minus the tiger and […]

[FESTIVALS] The 5 Things You Must Do At CRSSD This Weekend

Preview cover

This coming weekend, the second installment of CRSSD Festival will return to Waterfront Park in San Diego for two days of cutting edge alternative dance music. With parents like Goldenvoice and SoCal party curators FNGRS CRSSD, it’s no surprise the inaugural event sold out and went off with barely a misstep on the production or […]

[STATE OF SOUND] New Artists Soundcast #16: Oxycontin House Boys Edition


STATE OF SOUND is a Sights and Sounds feature where I select new electronically focused bands of stratospheric level quality that’ve been hanging around the periphery of the blogopshere’s vision (just waiting to be discovered). I select only on quality, but try to shoot for Soundcloud/Facebook followers of <6000. If you’d like to be considered […]

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