A distant land where the rivers of rhythm never run dry and the melodies in the wind are only the most soulful and powerful. That’s where I want to be. Where the combination of noises are vibrant with life, with tone, with volume. Luckily, this place exists and we’re going to take a sonic […]



  Crafted by James Kabat and Kavi S. Still nursing hangovers from Lolla, Chicago is about descend in droves upon West Loop’s Union Park. Well, maybe descend is too strong a verb. They’ll slink their way on the L, shushing teenagers for the temerity to raise their voice an octave above a whisper. That is […]

[DEEP HOUSE] Whitney Houston – I Learned From The Best (Gryffin Remix)


  We are all a spectrum of traits picked up from our best and worst experiences. The Queen of R&B herself couldn’t escape that reality, I picture us all with the comical angel and devil on our shoulders. So grab a seat, pour yourself some wine, turn the volume up on Gryffin’s Remix of ‘I […]

[DARK R&B/BASS] Ty Dolla $ign – Or Nah (K Theory Remix) [Free Download]

k theory or nah

  Shit. It’s a pretty big pot. Your back tenses you’ve got a decent hand, but is it enough? The other guy just went all-in doubling the pot. You know losing what you’ve already lost will cut you out of the game. Feeling the heat, you do your best to hide it— don’t give anything […]

[DARK R&B] FKA Twigs – Two Weeks


  Confession. Sometimes I lose Faith in new music. But then something amazing happens. I hear a song that makes every hair on my skin dance. FKA Twigs has brought us once again another song for the bedroom, or the couch, or the car, or the balcony… whatever, I want to test drive it everywhere. […]

[ELECTRONIC/R&B] Usher – “Good Kisser” (Disclosure Remix)

photo recap - disclosure wild life tour

  There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a hot and heavy petting session late at night, things moving toward the bedroom, when your “sexy jams” playlist throws a curve ball at you, shattering the moment with an acoustic version of “Wonderwall”. It was the last time I left Pandora to make the […]

[DARK R&B] Coldplay- Magic (AlunaGeorge Remix)


  There are two things that will get me to scroll right on by in my Soundcloud feed, the song an already distant fading image having acid poured on it by my desperate photographic memory: love songs and Coldplay. But for AlunaGeorge’s first peek out of the hole since the excellent Body Music, I had […]

[R&B/FUNK] Unplugged: The Bloody Beetroots ft. Theophilus London – “All The Girls” (Live In Hollywood)

[R&B/FUNK] The Bloody Beetroots Unplugged ft. Theophilus London - "All The Girls" (Live In Hollywood)

  Unplugged – what it should mean is that it doesn’t work. No electricty = no power = no sound. But in the case of The Bloody Beetroots and Theophilus London, it means an extremely upbeat and highly addictive live take on their single “All The Girls” – it just works. It’s exactly what you […]

[POP] Sam Smith – “Nirvana” EP Review

Sam-Smith-Nirvana EP

  Many of you may already be familiar with Sam Smith from his critically acclaimed vocal guest spot on Latch, the breakthrough single from one of 2013’s biggest success stories, Disclosure or from the excellent single La La La by Naughty Boy that is currently storming the US radio airways. The gifted 21 year-old British […]

[MONTHLY] Go To War: Best Sounds of 12.2013


  Go to war: against the dervish monkey on your back stabbing you in the kidney, against the racing thoughts gallavanting in your head until they spill out your eyes, against the general unwilligness to fucking change. Some people use the last playlist of the year to reflect and bask in their general wondrousness–which, you […]