[PREMIERE] Story Of The Running Wolf- Electric (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Photo 1 Credit Edward Honaker (1)

PHOTO CREDIT// JO METSON SCOTT (WITH EDITS) We love Story of The Running Wolf here at The Sights and Sounds. Discover their Facebook // Soundcloud. Link for free download at soundcloud. support their new EP on 9.9.15. He takes off his shirt. Fuck. He is the body electric. Sparks fly off his stomach hair, watch […]

[FESTIVALS] CRSSD Festival is this fall’s all-star alternative to EDM

CRSSD Fall Fest Lineup

Festival season extends well past August here in golden Southern California, and the hardest decision you’ll have is which events to attend.  Although CRSSD Festival is only on its second installment, it stands out among the cluster of kandi raves, desert burner parties and scrubby camping festivals as the chic, forward-thinking older sibling.  The fall […]

[STATE OF SOUND] New Artists Soundcast #14: Too Young To Drown Edition


STATE OF SOUND is a Sights and Sounds feature where I select new electronically focused bands of stratospheric level quality that’ve been hanging around the periphery of the blogopshere’s vision (just waiting to be discovered). I select only on quality, but try to shoot for Soundcloud/Facebook followers of <6000. If you’d like to be considered […]

[INDIETRONICA] ODESZA ft. Little Dragon – “Light”

[INDIETRONICA] ODESZA ft. Little Dragon - "Light"

That pulsating, palpitating flutter. Everything feels heightened, standing on edge. I look down to see my fingers twisting, pulling, kneading at one another in that anxious way. I feel tight and loose at the same time. I feel like a bottle of something carbonated. The label says DO NOT SHAKE but this is life, fucking […]

[PREMIERE] Varien LP Review, Part 2: Four Women Bust Out Of Binary Love


[This is part 2 of our three part special series covering the exquisite as fuck new Varien LP. We thought music as complex and rich as this in its humanity deserved a likewise response. So we ditched the traditional 411 format and went for a creative approach. We wanted to show you where the music […]

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