[ELECTRONICA] PREMIERE: Empathy Test – “Throwing Stones” (Black City Lights Remix)


“Sometimes, I guess there just aren’t enough rocks.” This is one of my favorite lines from Forrest Gump and from any movie for that matter. For some reason, when I listen to this remix, thoughts of struggle, confusion, and barriers in life come flashing before me. In the moments where it feels like we’re stuck […]

[MOOD MIX] Light Lusts After Me: Best Sounds 07.2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]


PHOTO CREDIT// THE HYPERDECADENCE PROJECT ////Catch a free download here. All songs below.//// Last month, my mix was sick. Surgically sliced that motherfucker off the web in under a week of seconds. Never pull posts, either. But that one had a serious case of soft bones. No Vitamin-D danced in those tracks. Collapsed under the […]

[ROCK] The Revivalists – “Fade Away”

You got the potion yea you really do Make everybody fall in love with you Call me your lover  Call me another  All I hear are lies from you  They’re throwing stones and you’re feeling bad  That’s what happens though, when you make so many fall in love with you. Those that refuse to fall […]

[ROCK] The Revivalists – “Bulletproof”

Part of me was home, the other half was gone I can’t feel the pain when I’m lying all alone   Gone where? I don’t know. It happens like that some times. Part of me just kind of drifts off… It’s not a painful thing, or even a sad one, I think some times you […]

[ROCK] The Revivalists – It Was a Sin

[I believe it was a sin  To do you in the way I did you in] Words the deep recesses of my subconscious hope you speak to yourself. Words I know you don’t, but that bruised part of me still holds out hope. Some of it was accidental, unintentional, thoughtless, careless but at some point, […]

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