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There’s always a been moments in history, no matter where you’re from, where people have had to fight to stand up for what they believed in. It’s no different these days. With the recent Climate Change March that happened in NYC, as well as other major cities around the globe, we’re truly living at a […]

[FESTIVAL RECAP] See You In The Pit: A Day To Remember’s Parks And Devastation Tour

[FESTIVAL RECAP] See You In The Pit: A Day To Remember’s Parks And Devastation Tour

Fall is upon us here in Chicago, which means in a week or two, it will become an unforgiving frozen wasteland knowing our weather patterns. Thankfully it is a beautiful day and I am eagerly waiting to enter the UIC Pavilion photo pass in hand to shoot A Day To Remember’s Chicago stop for the […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Angus and Julia Stone-A Heartbreak (ODESZA Remix)


[At The Sights and Sounds we like to bring humanity back to music reviewing, so sometimes reviews  like this are all about the  journey we were on that a song completed for us. We hope you enjoy the change from your usual format.] I spent two days punching the streets of Bangkok with my feet […]

[STATE OF SOUND] New Artists Soundcast #5: Retro Culture, Scholar, SOS, Carmella

state of sound#5

STATE OF SOUND is a feature on The Sights and Sounds where we select new electronically focused bands/artists (Either Soundcloud/Facebook followers < 3000) and bring their best songs to light. Getting traction on blogs can be a pain in the ass if you don’t already have a connection in, but we happen to think there’s […]



When it comes to musical, chilled out electronica it’s usually names like Phaeleh and the ever-reliable Bonobo who instantly spring to mind. Time to add another name to that list: ODESZA. The Seattle, Washington based pairing of Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills have been making a wondrous noise since joining forces in 2012 and now […]



Short Shots of Sound is a new series on the Sights and Sounds seeking the way music videos shock our mind, shoving us out of the safe spaces that we shield ourselves in. We will explore the deeper emotional threads of truly critically curious, artistic videos by stellar artists. Periodically check in for a new […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence (Datsik Remix)


Generally,  I can do without drunk Nancy Sinatra: I get enough of those hanging around on my shoulder any night out.  I hang, well, with a rather mercurial crowd.  They look at me longingly and dish dark days of their diaries, because I listen.  I’m never going to deny your attempt to be human in […]

[DARK POP] Daft Punk- Something About Us (Spazzkid Cover)


There’s something about us, and it’s turned me into a pulpy mess. This energy we whipped into a monsoon of mawkish emotion slinks through my hands like liquefied love in a rain storm; and I grab my heart out of my chest and I try to use it as a bucket to carry us out […]

[DARK POP] London Grammar- Hey Now (J’Adore Dior Remix by The Shoes)


Parisian air slaps your thighs, the river Seine ripples down your chest hair as you pull yourself up out of the water—just for a moment–to beckon me in. But my head is covered by a mask, with only the slits for eyes that your kisses opened like slashes to my face earlier. You said, “Jump […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Sir Sly- Inferno (ft. Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR)


At this point I’m so warrior, if I see you as other than adversary, it’s a blessing. “I’m a soldier, in my mind”, or so the Everywhere song goes. I’ve got a rifle on my shoulder and a pistol in my holster and I can’t calm down. All I really want is to stand strong, but I […]