[SHORT SHOTS OF SOUND] Ulysse// Wounds + TOYS//Golden Line


  Short Shots of Sounds is a periodic series on the Sights And Sounds where we take a deeper look at what filthily beautiful art can tell us vis a vis a music video. To submit your video for consideration, contact senior editor Kavi at the info on his profile. ________________________________________ ULYSSE// WOUNDS We fight. […]

[STATE OF SOUND] New Artists Soundcast #9: Heart On The Mend Edition


  STATE OF SOUND is a Sights and Sounds feature where I select new electronically focused bands of stratospheric level quality that’ve been hanging around the periphery of the blogopshere’s vision (just waiting to be discovered). I select only on quality, but try to shoot for Soundcloud/Facebook followers of <3000. If you’d like to be […]

[DARK POP] Goldroom//Mykonos + Daniel Johns//Aerial Love (Naderi Remix) + Angus & Julia Stone// From The Stalls (Fever 105 Remix)


  Came to here, my Mykonos. 6pm every Friday my taxi rolls up to Sathorn Soi 1. Dusk sets as I throw my passport on the counter. Muffle a name out of earshot. You still know me as Aydyn, 12 tete-a-tetes later.  Hiding, you’re clutching your bag with replacement underwear, powder and a toothbrush over […]

[OPPOSING VIEW] Crystal Castles Is a Frail Imitation of Itself, On ‘Frail’

crystal-castles7_00345394 (1)

  BRING HER BACK. Crystal Castles fans are a passionate bunch. This coming from a superfan that cried for 3 hours in a Bangkok internet cafe when they broke up last October. Heartbroken was not the proper adjective. I wrote this. And then I felt like the world was saying ‘untrust us’ and a knifed […]

[ELECTRONIC] Crystal Castles Without Alice Glass Is Anything But “Frail”

Photo Via Flikr

 Last fall, Alice Glass suddenly announced via twitter that she would be breaking up with Crystal Castles “for a multitude of reasons, both professional and personal” to branch out as a solo artist. She says “Although this is the end of the band, I hope my fans will embrace me as a solo artist in […]

[MONTHLY] Ghost Heart Gets Bedroom Eyes: Best Sounds 04. 2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]


  PLAYLIST DESCRIPTION: When you put yourself back together. What did you think would happen? When you hammered all those pieces back into place. Shot a nail through your heart to connect all the bits of your spine. Bled tears, memories for days to come. But at least you were able to face the world […]



  We’re no stranger to sharing the amazing, genre-bending dance tracks that come out of Los Angeles Music Project, known to locals and aliens-alike as L.A.M.P. They’ve really been bringing the heat this year. With weekly mixes, DJ sets, and exclusive premieres from emerging producers and DJs in the game, there’s no stopping this train. […]

[DARK DANCE] XYLØ – America (Vasta Remix) + Astrid – 2AM (Shagabond Remix)


  CANNOT RECOMMEND ALL THE OTHERS’ INSTAGRAM ENOUGH (PHOTO CREDIT). America, I’m never coming back. On a Delta flight to Tokyo, I paced my way up.down.around the sides of the body of the plane. Would have walked across tray tables like hands carrying me away from my seat. Locked myself in the bathroom instead. Over […]

[DARK POP] Sailor + I -Disorder

sailorandI 1

  PHOTO CREDIT// ALL THE OTHERS 5 years of touching. I felt nothing. Your hand dances on my nipple. To guide me. Not to the promise land. Heaven has taken up shop in an entirely different bathouse altogether. I was there once. I lost it all to a man with no face. Rebirthed, I was. […]

[STATE OF SOUND] New Artists Soundcast #8: Supercharged Experimental Pop Edition


  STATE OF SOUND is coming out of a long hiatus. Months, if you will, while the writer was spending time literally trying not to die of cancer. Success, motherfuckers. STATE OF SOUND is a really special (to me!) Sights and Sounds feature where I select new electronically focused bands of stratospheric level quality that’ve […]