[DARK INDIETRONICA] Eric Prydz VS Churches-Tether


  I take the BeerLao bottle and smash it on the wall. Feeling capable of seeing the end. I shouldn’t even be drinking. Somewhere my doctor is kidney punching my MRI and scrawling WTF on all my lab results. But unspeakable actions breed unspeakable moments your doctor will never catch wind of. The cataclysm of […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Hozier – Take Me To Church (TEEMID & Jasmine Thompson Edition) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


  My nose nuzzles into a field of your chest hair. Each hair like a UN peacekeeper, giving me asylum. They wrap their way around my face as I wrap my arms around a 40″ chest, legs around a 32″ waist. These hairs, as I nestle they carry me to refuge. Me, this refugee from […]



  I wrote a letter to a friend. I’d just woken up from a coma. Literally. And I took this notebook I’d used when the tubes were down my throat to flash things in front of nurses like icechipsplease. icantbreathe. gottapeegottapeegottapee (kidding, catheter. lolz) because I wanted my hand to reclaim power. I wanted to […]

[MONTHLY] All The Ghosts Wearing My Clothes (Best Sounds 01.2015)


  A playlist about midnight mode walking through the city, looking back and seeing all the ghosts behind you, in perfect step. I didn’t notice they were wearing clothes of mine they nicked. They stole a little bit of my armour when we collided. But, fuck. All the fashions. All the years. They wear them […]

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Hedegaard ft Lukas Graham – Happy Home (Sam Feldt Remix)


  My biggest fear in life and maybe the only one, is inevitable. The loss of one of my parents. Hedegaard and Lukas Graham brought us Happy Home in 2014 taking us through an emotional roller coaster of memoirs and in my life activating the subconscious knowledge that the day would come when I wouldn’t have […]



  We all know that after New Years we typically have certain things we’re trying to do to change ourselves for the better. Well, have you ever thought to include dancing?! Dancing is scientifically proven to make you an all around happier and healthier human being. It’s also really fun and even more fun with […]

[C-STORIES] Part 1: Ignacio Screaming in Traffic (ft. Young the Giant, IYES, Purity Ring, BLCK-WHT, MC-1995)


  SPECIAL NOTE: C-Stories aka Cancer-Stories is a short run, multi-part series about the intimacy, the power, the sexuality, all the feelings of being a cancer patient. All the things people ignore when they see you only in the sick role. These are vignettes, snapshots of a total picture. Each part will explore a different […]

[DARK R&B] Matthew Young – Love Blind

Matthew Young

  Hands flat against the wall behind our bed frame.. Absolutely no inhibition; vision censorship. All I needed was one night; but I want them all. The heightened sensation of your breath against my skin, the way my toes curl when you say my name, repeatedly. The patterned friction between our hips moving to the […]

[MONTHLY] be.human.again- best.sounds 12.2014


  Back in the day when I first started dotting out these dark fuckbuddy moments with music on the page, it felt like my hand and the keyboard were fusing into a bit of a saviour complex sword that they’d hold against my neck. Sit down. Be a good little human. Which was ironic, because […]

[END OF YEAR] Hipster Had A Mainstream Baby: Best Pop 2014 (James Kabat and Kavi’s Pop Powers Unite)


  The bones of a song are good. Sometimes, even, no matter whose mental vagina it crawled out of. Mainstream does not equal low quality, just so long as all the accouterments of the modern studio  are put to use carving a track to its heart. Not acting like child proofing, saving us from anything […]