[DARK INDIETRONICA] Phantogram- Fall In Love (Until The Ribbon Breaks Re-Imagination)


Darkness twists and darkness pulls, and sometimes synths can shower us enough until we drown, forced to swim outside our trapped, little worlds. Those kinds of synths turn the production into a firehose, and they always inevitably fail any time they try and force a Phantogram song to be anything other than what it inherently […]

[INDIE/POP] DWNTWN – “Missing You” [Free Download]

[INDIE/POP] DWNTWN - "Missing You"

Talking about the past can be a painful ordeal, especially when topics of loved ones long gone become the focus of conversation. All of a sudden, you hear their voice calling your name, you remember the wrinkles in their smiles and the way their eyes lit up when they laughed. Before you know it, your […]

[ANTHEMIC POP] Raury- God’s Whisper


Don’t let the title fool you: this song isn’t a hymnal. Well, except to yourself. I’m sure Raury has a respect for the greater forces at be, but they’re shouting silently in support while the world is tearing at your limbs just because they’re a different color. Lot of good, that. Best to go it […]

[DARK SYNTHPOP] M83- Wait (Kygo Remix)


If you’re reducing Kygo’s remix of “Wait” to mellow tropicalia, ready to perk that shit up (as this review does) in a sunny but inoffensive way: throw out those thoughts and spin the dice of empathy again. This remix is devastating. For me, and for other fans of the original who spent 2012 ¬†on their […]

[R&B/FUNK] Unplugged: The Bloody Beetroots ft. Theophilus London – “All The Girls” (Live In Hollywood)

[R&B/FUNK] The Bloody Beetroots Unplugged ft. Theophilus London - "All The Girls" (Live In Hollywood)

Unplugged – what it should mean is that it doesn’t work. No electricty = no power = no sound. But in the case of The Bloody Beetroots and Theophilus London, it means an extremely upbeat and highly addictive live take on their single “All The Girls” – it just works. It’s exactly what you would […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Boy In a Movie- Haunted


This is music to stay afloat to, treading concrete by way of weak legs that drift you into lamposts mistaken for a flame of yours; or tripping across streets teeming with traffic, forgetting the aimless wander is suicidal when everyone else is zooming along the path. That’s what this track is: the soundtrack to the […]

[DARK DANCE] Florrie- Free Falling


So, about that time you fell from the sky. You let yourself fall, you freaky fucker, because it felt freeing to put your fist in the air and let it hit a grand total of nothing. Fighting with fisiticuffs against life felt like freedom, until you walked away bloody a too few many times from […]

[R&B/Hip Hop] Miguel ft. Wale – “Bennie And The Jets” (Elton John Cover)

[R&B/Hip Hop] Miguel ft. Wale - "Bennie And The Jets" (Elton John Cover)

Head into just about any bar with a karaoke machine for the night and chances are you’ll hear a pretty shitty cover of Elton John‘s classic single “Benny And The Jets” being sung (read shouted into the mic) by some drunk, half bald man with a mixed drink in his hand. It’s inevitable, like the […]



It would be difficult to think of Kylie Minogue without her sexy image. The 45 year-old pint-size Aussie icon has a body many of her much younger contemporaries would kill for and a face so angelic that many simply brand her as ‘ageless.’ On her 12th studio release she reminds us that she hasn’t lost […]

[DARK FOLK] Lykke Li- No Rest For The Wicked


Surrender wasn’t an option, it was the only one. You held your hands up in front of your face–mock protest being your specialty–but the brunt of their beating met not a shield, only a flaccid fight. And you wonder why you’re lonely, tracing drawings of a hope-to-be-forgotten love on the outlines of your veins. You […]