[BEST OF] Semi-Year Sound Check: Our Writers’ Top 3 Songs Of 2015 (So Far)


Best of lists are sexy. They are the only tingd that make the end of year worth kicking around for. I know, Christmas and shit and New Year’s drunkenness and all that jazz. But none of it’s quite as O-face inducing as seeing all your favorite music writers publicly bare themselves for all the world […]

[FESTIVAL PLAYLIST/GIVEAWAY] Your Guide To Mamby On The Beach + Win Festival Passes!

mamby on the beach

Chicago has stepped up it’s festival game once again with the inaugural production of Mamby On The Beach. Seems as soon as I left the city the crew over at React Presents decided to curate a festival directly after my taste. You might almost get me to move back. Almost. Taking place on Chicago’s pristine […]

[DARK OXYGEN] Dark Pop Soundcast #4: ‘Weird Kids Win’ Edition


You can’t silence the weird kids. FEATURED IMAGE PHOTO CREDIT// EDSON CHAGAS [DARK OXYGEN] is a periodic series at the Sights and Sounds where I collect a dark star explosion of the best dark indietronica out there. Dark pop gets a bad rap for being dramatic, but it’s all about being effortlessly cool. It’s also […]

[MONTHLY MIXES] Sabotage Heart Shouts: Best Sounds 06.2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]


[MONTHLY MOTIF MIXES] is a long running series curated by me featuring the month’s best dark indietronica all in one cohesive theme. I don’t ever think of playlists as a collection of songs, but rather as a deeply satiating story from start to finish. Every song placement has value, a reason, something to fucking say. […]

[SYNTH POP] Vicktor Taiwo – “Feathers & Wax”

I already let you fall once. This is another green world.  I had fallen but I stood, on shaking, hesitant legs, but I stood nonetheless, on greener ground. It was the fall that brought me here. This place where I said I could ‘find myself’, the ‘real me’. I notice how the line between delusional […]