[DARK POP] Drake – Furthest Thing (Yaarrohs Cover)

anne ma

 Photo Credit Anna Marcell. You saw me there in downtown Saigon, shouting. At a wall. All sorts of weird shit. If I have a defense, it’s that I looked up from thoughts that fired pieces of me out the fringes of a frown. They were all over the walkway. And it was goddamn stressing. All […]

[DARK POP] Jamie xx (ft. Romy of The xx)- Loud Places + Official Music Video


  Photo Credit Levi Forester. My heart is Baghdad. My mind, Kabul. ‘Bout as long as bombs have lit the sky like music, the new national anthem; my mind’s been bursting with rivers of sound. Emotion, carried on rivers of blood. That rush through my head. That erupt, out my ears like a boombox. When […]

[SHORT SHOTS OF SOUND] FKA twigs- Glass And Patron (Music Video Analysis)


  My pussy isn’t yours. Hands may traipse their way down my sternum. Might lead you to the promise land like a rope ladder. Rung by rung your expectation grows. Fuck me, I can hear your gasps through the screen. My fingers may flick sensually down my skin. Reach my vagina and I forget about […]

[INDIE/PSYCH/SURF] The New Investors – “Atun”

Atun cover2

  It’s getting warmer and the mood is changing. It can be felt all around. As the seasons change and people spend more time outdoors, there is a certain energy outside and between people. The perfect backdrop for such a picture can only be done by blasting some of The New Investors, one of my […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA/HIP HOP] Grimes- Realiti // Nosaj Thing- Cold Stares


 Cold stares. Laptop LED lights make light of the moment. You are dead. They illuminate our four eyes off heart monitors, IV bags, bars.bars.bars.so.many.fucking.bars making up this bed, windows that look out to lower Sukumvhit as it shines back. Back into eyes of cold stares. We’ll leer over the edges of death Not always the […]



  Flip an 8 on its side. Infinity love. A goddamn numerical Hallmark card. I’ll always skate drunkenly back to you. Even if the ice melts. It’s the fucking physics of love. In Vietnam the 8 is lucky. Bastard number, taunting me. Present everywhere, a visual aid for karma. No matter what happens, it’ll all […]

[ELECTRO POP] For Esme – Just Yet


  It’s not pretty a damsel in distress, don’t let me, romanticize the mess. Detached says the rustling of the voice behind me as I struggle with last nights inventory, it’s not the first time I hear that accusation. I feel the burning of his eyes on the curve beneath my back begging me to stay, […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] MS MR- Hurricane (Adventure Club Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


  2:15AM. I got myself out of bed. I didn’t want to die. Was already. I’d put on these clothes to cover my skeleton. Bones covering a whole lot of nothing. And I’d bike to work. Each pedal. Each half a kilometre. I exhaled my skeleton. Into the void. I’d throw it up, right out […]



  Last night at Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles, a select crowd of around 30 to 40 people were treated to an exclusive listening party and interview surrounding the upcoming collaborative album COMPASS, the brainchild of Mexican Institute of Sound and Mad Decent’s Toy Selectah. The evening began with an open bar and the […]



  You’re not the air I breathe. Don’t even. Don’t try to re-inflate my lungs. You don’t exhale life, just amnesia. I’ve been down, face down. On the streets, my face implanted in gravel. Lost in my own gravely thoughts. A gravely voice from all the glass I swallowed. Whiskey bottles I smashed down my […]