TS&S is excited to share with you this incredible new mix from Dim Mak artist Gitchii. The hour-long mix includes all original material and we think it’s perfect for a solid turn-up! Here’s what they had to say about it: “This is a mix based on rap in general, and the night show. GITCHII made […]

[DARK POP] Him Meet World On Fire: Singles by Olivver, YUNG WULF, Madeira , D.R.U + Nayio Bitz

match 3

PHOTO CREDIT// GEORGE NEBULA Match meet flame meet the moment a man’s mind needed to scream. Boom. My throat wails wildfires, motherfuckers. Watched him light his apartment building on fire. 0.127 metre fists meet 5 metre glass pane meet million sidewalk pieces. Said his fists were fragile. All crouching tiger, hidden dragon—minus the tiger and […]

[INSPIRATRONICA] Story Of The Running Wolf- Electric EP Review


We love Story of The Running Wolf here at The Sights and Sounds. Discover their Facebook // Soundcloud. Get their new EP On Itunes. Hate the post-sex dew. We’re tore asunder by droplets, like downpour. All the real humans shine. Wax smiles nostalgic of the last hours. Sucked your skin. Now you’re sweating out your […]

[DARK POP] Bring Your A-Game Hustler: New Singles by Oscar/Halsey, Wolf Colony, Little Wolves/Clarence + Jordan Corey/Campus Point


PHOTO CREDITS// MONSIEUR-RENARD Think myself a temporarily embarrassed happy person. Problem is, can’t get past the temporary. Six days I can handle my feelings. On the seventh I need a fucking Sabbath. Took me six years and 312 Sundays shooting down whiskey to circle back to the seconds that broke me. ______________ Are you insane […]

[DARK OXYGEN] Dark Pop Soundcast #6: ‘Loner Doesn’t Look For Love’ Edition


PHOTO CREDIT// LEVI FOSTER [DARK OXYGEN] is a periodic series at the Sights and Sounds where I collect a dark star explosion of the best dark indietronica out there. Dark pop gets a bad rap for being dramatic, but it’s all about being effortlessly cool. It’s also a respite in the world for the weird […]

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