[DARK INDIETRONICA] Lykke Li- Gunshot (San Zhi & The Shoes Remix)


Bang. Bang. The sound of life went ‘Bang Bang’ in my head. My mouth lobs out the words at lightning speed. Those words are meant to fucking hurt. And they ricochet like scattershot off your armor, landing a graze wound in your knee, but bursting through my spine, up my brain. Explosive in my brain, […]

[FUTURE POP/BASS] Sophie – Lemonade


You open up a can of your favorite soda and pour it into a glass. You watch as it fizzes with bubbles shooting to the top, aching to escape. Upon that first sip, it’s immediately sweet and refreshing – the perfect antidote to the thirst that has been plaguing you. But, imagine if you could […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] St. Lucia- The Way You Remember Me (Bearstronaut Remix)


Don’t remember me this way. I wasn’t always a shadow dancing effortlessly on the wall, following my form wherever it may go. At one time I actually led my own life. And I charged it into bedrooms and burst it out of boardroom mentality, because I was a free spirit goddammit But a few shocks […]

[ELECTRONIC/DOWNTEMPO HOUSE] Pierce Fulton – “As You Were”

Pierce Fulton

You are who you’re meant to be. You are where you’re supposed to be. There is only one thing in the way of you realizing that and reaching your full potential and no, its not you as a person, its you as the destination. The point being that if you aren’t creating a strong, emotional […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] We The Wild- Trampoline (Lovelife Remix)


And then there are those songs that immediately singe the air with enough electricity, you’re its lightning rod.  I listen to a lot of songs about moments of trauma, bits of life and love combustion and rarely do I come across a song so instantly powerful it shocks you into a sudden realization of the […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Phantogram- Blackout Days (Future Islands Remix)


“Blackout Days” is, at its core, about loneliness. Not damaging or diminishing, this kind of loneliness might even be what I’d call reparative:  by distancing myself, by banishing my mind, I heal.  It’s not something a lot of people get but it’s my primary mode of dealing with the world. Has been for years now.  […]

[STATE OF SOUND] New Artists Soundcast #3: White Hex, Yeo//Fossils, ObeyHim

state of sound#3

STATE OF SOUND is a feature on The Sights and Sounds where we select new electronically focused bands/artists (Soundcloud/Facebook followers < 3000) and bring their best songs to light. Getting traction on blogs can be a pain in the ass if you don’t already have traction in, but we happen to think there’s a whole sea of bands […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Grizfolk- Vagabonds (Tyde Remix)


Well, you can be a rolling stone; but that rock hard heart of yours is going to rattle around your rib cage. And, eventually, it’ll reduce you to a ramshackle bag of bones, roaming a ‘no man’s land’ brimming with promise and empty a deep connection that you need to find the sculptor that will put […]



I recently realized I’m lost. And I love it.  Well, love it is the wrong term. I don’t know if how SPEAK puts it, those circles of studied sleeplessness are heaven or hell; but when its all you’ve got, when there’s no swimming back to shore because ‘shore’ is another atmosphere altogether, I guess you […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Little Dragon- Killing Me (Chad Hugo Remix)


For its pure irreverence, my favorite part of  “Killing Me” comes about 0:14 seconds in.  Cynically shrugging with swag, Yukumi Nagano lets slip, F For Failure which feels like glorious shorthand. You know: that language you use to talk to yourself, to bypass histories upon fucked up histories while still taking into account all their […]