[DARK POP/NSFW] High On Your Bed: Justin Bieber, Olivver The Kid, Jaymes Young, FYFE


Gasp little ghosts into your studio. Give them legs they can swim in the air with. Float above me, like the smoke. Fuck. Where’s the smoke coming from? Ah, you’re off there smoking a cigarette. Stumbling on the balcony. Feet like a gallop. Gallop back to the gallant words coming out my mouth. Guttural attempts, […]

[BAROQUE POP] San Fermin – “Two Scenes”

Some days are better than others, this is true for all of us. I’m thankful that I now have so many more good days than bad but every once in awhile something happens, a trigger, not the intense immediate impact gun shot kind of trigger, but a crack, a leak, something that slowly lets the […]

[DARK OXYGEN] Dark Pop Soundcast #2: Zhu, Lapalux, Lane 8, Misogi + More


PHOTO CREDITS (for entire post):THE PROJECTED BODY PROJECT [DARK OXYGEN] is a periodic series at the Sights and Sounds where I collect a dark star explosion of the best dark indietronica out there. A lot of people can’t breathe in the black hole spaces that moody, sexual, slightly deranged and aspirational pop creates; but if […]



French label/collective On and On recently released a stacked compilation album titled 1Ø1, including twenty-two beats that fade in and out of hip-hop, trap, future r&b, jazz, indietronica, and soft pop. With vibrant sythns, deep bass lines, heavy and intricate production, and solid percussion/beat structures, there truly isn’t a bad instrumental on this album. A […]

[DARK POP] Daytime Dark Heart Disco: Spazzkid+San Holo+Bearson+Teen Daze+Young Empires+Sameblod


Sat on the back of the motorbike. Weaving, the fuck in and out of Saigon traffic. Tap my hand on my pants. External heartbeat from the music, burning my blood brighter. Making it round through me, my veins. Like my body round Nguyen Chi Thanh roundabout. City lights, shining on me. I rush.rush.rush anew. Lights, […]