What happens when two techno veterans put their twist on new indietronica talent? In the case of John Digweed and Nick Muir‘s new remix of Odesza‘s “All We Need,” it’s a mesmerizing and groovy ride through tech-y space and molten vocals. It’s the equivalent of meeting a seductive stranger in a club and dancing […]

[ELECTRO/FUNK] Madeon ft. Kyan – “You’re On” (Gramatik Remix)

[ELECTRO/FUNK] Madeon ft. Kyan - "You're On" (Gramatik Remix)

  There’s a lot to be said for someone who has gained worldwide recognition before they can legally have a drink (in the US, at least). But then 20-year old French native Madeon isn’t your normal producer. Having exploded onto the EDM scene a few years back with hits like “Icarus”, “Finale”, and “The City”, […]

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Imagine Dragons – “I Bet My Life” (Alex Adair remix)

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Imagine Dragons – "I Bet My Life" (Alex Adair remix)

  It’s no surprise that the musical phenomenon of the year is tropical house. Spearheaded by the talented Kygo, the relatively new sound has swept through dance floors and festivals alike with it’s soaring, melodic compositions and tropical beats. It embodies the natural spirit to run free, let go and stop giving such a fuck. […]

[ELECTRO/SOUL] Krooked Drivers – “Nothing Is Lonely” (Manic Focus Remix) [Free Download]

[ELECTRO SOUL] Manic Focus and GRiZ - "Life Goes On"

  With music, I never truly feel like I am completely alone. The emotions and stories told through the melodies and bass lines of any track can keep me company in the darkest of nights and in the most secluded of spots. A bit of music can make all the loneliness go away with just […]

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Hedegaard ft Lukas Graham – Happy Home (Sam Feldt Remix)


  My biggest fear in life and maybe the only one, is inevitable. The loss of one of my parents. Hedegaard and Lukas Graham brought us Happy Home in 2014 taking us through an emotional roller coaster of memoirs and in my life activating the subconscious knowledge that the day would come when I wouldn’t have […]



  We all know that after New Years we typically have certain things we’re trying to do to change ourselves for the better. Well, have you ever thought to include dancing?! Dancing is scientifically proven to make you an all around happier and healthier human being. It’s also really fun and even more fun with […]

[END OF YEAR] Drum N’ Bass: It Will Melt Your Face – Best Of 2014

[END OF YEAR] Drum N' Bass: It Will Melt Your Face - Best Of 2014

  2014 has been a massive year for Drum n Bass around the world. A genre that’s been huge in the UK for years now has finally poked through the North American bubble and really started making a name for itself over here. Coming from a city that’s not heavily saturated with Drum n Bass […]

[END OF YEAR] Chicago Producers Pick Their Top 5 Tracks Of 2014

[END OF YEAR] Chicago Producers Pick Their Top 5 Tracks Of 2014

  We here at The Sights and Sounds pride ourselves on being an extremely hands on blog. We’re out in the thick of it, talking to artists, DJ’s, producers and fans all the time. And while we serve an international community, we’ll never forget the city we call home: Chicago. It’s been the inspiration for […]

[END OF YEAR] Hipster Had A Mainstream Baby: Best Pop 2014 (James Kabat and Kavi’s Pop Powers Unite)


  The bones of a song are good. Sometimes, even, no matter whose mental vagina it crawled out of. Mainstream does not equal low quality, just so long as all the accouterments of the modern studio  are put to use carving a track to its heart. Not acting like child proofing, saving us from anything […]

[REMIXES] Sirena – “Chemicals”


  Out this week through 2 Many Freckles/Svenska Inspelningar/Universal Music is the impressive remix package of the beautiful “Chemicals” from Sweden’s Sirena. Each bringing equally refreshing twists are duo Televisor, Nils Noa and Addal, who all captivate the key parts of an already stunning release. Televisor’s remix opens the show bringing a fresh sounding 80s,disco vibe that runs strong throughout, with […]