[SUMMERTIME HOUSE] R Kelly & Miguel – “Ignition/Do You” [Phoebe Ryan Cover] (Win & Woo Remix)

[SUMMERTIME HOUSE] R Kelly & Miguel - "Ignition/Do You" [Phoebe Ryan Cover] (Win & Woo Remix)

  There is hardly anything more desirable in the depths of a Chicago winter than the feeling of sunshine and summer. Seriously, we need a dose of fucking Vitamin D over here. As days turn into weeks without the warming, radiant sun to brighten the day it’s easy to turn into a depressed piece of […]

[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -“Something About Us” (Daft Punk Cover) [Free Download]

[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -"Something About Us" (Daft Punk Cover)

  Sometimes you just want to tell another person how madly you burn for them, craving their words and needing their affection so bad that it literally keeps you up at night, knawing at your grey matter until it turns to mush. You long for this person and constantly crave their company – and perhaps […]

[INDIE/ROCK] Foster The People – “Under Control” (Calvin Harris Cover)

[INDIE/ROCK] Foster The People - "Under Control" (Calvin Harris Cover)

  It seems as though Foster The People are coming out of a 3-year hibernation to start promoting the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album, Supermodel. The hype is just beginning as the LA-based group has begun releasing some new music, covering Alesso and Calvin Harris‘ 2013 single “Under Control” during a live session […]

[INDIE/POP] Empire Of The Sun – “Walking On A Dream” (Pine Cone Wars Cover)

[INDIE] Empire Of The Sun - "Walking On A Dream" (Pine Cone Wars Cover)

  I first came upon LA duo Pine Cone Wars back in November after they released their summery acoustic cover of Empire Of The Sun‘s “Alive.” Comprised of Aaron Graham and David Boehme, the pair are back with another superb cut from the same group, this time tackling their breezy single “Walking On A Dream.” […]

[ELECTRONIC/HIP HOP] Ellie Goulding ft. Angel Haze – “Life Round Here” (James Blake Cover)

[ELECTRONIC/HIP HOP]  Ellie Goulding ft. Angel Haze - "Life Round Here" (James Blake Cover)

  The B’s come together as British and Brooklyn bad bitches Ellie Goulding and Angel Haze join forces and tackle James Blake‘s “Life Round Here.” Mr. Blake has been getting a lot of attention from the femmes recently as Lorde previously covered his single “Retrograde.” Produced by Noah Breakfast and originally debuted on BBC Radio […]

[INDIE/POP] RAC ft. Pink Feathers – “Simple Kind Of Life”

[INDIE/POP] RAC ft. Pink Feathers - "Simple Kind Of Life"

  Indie pop’s favorite remixer, RAC, has finally reached one million followers on Soundcloud. That’s quite an accomplishment, but not one I’m surprised to hear about given the popularity that RAC has with his upbeat, sunny sensibilities. In celebration of reaching the landmark, RAC has released a breezy cover of No Doubt‘s “Simple Kind Of […]

[SYNTH/TRAP] Taylor Swift- I Knew You Were Trouble (APSPDR+ Cover)


  What’s initially remarkable about this song–and it’s tragic that I even have to mention this, but get ready for a classic “Kavit Throwing the Hammer Down” moment—but APSPDR+ didn’t feel the need to alter the song’s gender narrative, and sang it with such sincerity regardless that you really feel it in your loins. I’m contemptuous of musicians who feel […]

[ACOUSTIC/POP] Pine Cone Wars – “Alive” (Empire of the Sun Cover)

[ACOUSTIC/POP]  Pine Cone Wars - "Alive" (Empire of the Sun Cover)

  One of my favorite new singles of this year has been from Australian electronic duo Empire of the Sun with their soaring cut, “Alive.” The shimmering synths and anthemic chorus find me singing along everytime, simply enjoying being alive in that moment. Cue West coast duo Aaron Graham and David Boehme, known together as […]



  Photo courtesy of an edited shot from Saint Pepsi’s music video for ‘Unhappy’. Here at The Sights and Sounds, we take our monthly best of lists as sacrosanct. We put time, effort, maybe a few calloused ears and bloody thumbs from putting our face to the grindstone in an attempt to bring you a […]

[ALTERNATIVE] Janelle Monae – “I Want You Back” (Jackson 5 Cover)

[ALTERNATIVE] Janelle Monae - "I Want You Back" (Jackson 5 Cover)

  If you’ve ever seen Janelle Monae in concert, you’ve more than likely heard her live cover of the Jackson 5 classic “I Want You Back.” Definitely a crowd pleaser for her audiences, it seems the songstress has gone and produced a studio version of the cover. Janelle’s cover is soothing, soulful and pleasing in […]