[MASHUP/FREE DOWNLOAD] EVALYN- The Hills x Nightcall (Prod. Louis Vivet)

Evalyn The Hills

Drain the last of drop of an extra dirty martini from the glass, have to dry swallow the colorful little pill. Run my tongue across scarlet lips, relishing the subtle burn of spirits on skin. Slip a bill under the check before I head out–too much for the shit service, but change is one of […]

[POP/MASHUP] DJ Earworm – “United State of Pop 2013 (Living the Fantasy)”

[POP/MASHUP] DJ Earworm - "United State of Pop 2013 (Living the Fantasy)"

2013 is coming to a close, and while that means you can look back at all the NYE resolutions you failed to accomplish this year, it also means that it’s time for DJ Earworm‘s annual “United State of Pop 2013″ mashup series. These are always fun to look forward to each year, and while I’m […]

[MASHUP] RAC – “Song Of The Year”

[MASHUP] RAC - "Song Of The Year"

RAC went off on this track. Not usually one to post mashups, this was just too funny not to throw up. Combining major hits from the last couple years, including Avicii, Skrillex, Gotye, and his single with Penguin Prison – “Hollywood” – RAC has produced a track that he is sure will take him to […]

[MONTHLY] Um, F*ck Fear. I Have None: The Sights and Sounds’ Best of Feb. 2013


We haven’t done this in awhile and it’s totally Kavit’s fault (you’re a pillar of success, Kavit) so here’s a larger set of our Sunday Spotlights compiling our best of the best for the month—at least according to what that wily Kavit thinks (and, you know, he’s a bit of a pusher about featuring his […]

[WEEKLY] Sunday Spotlights: Week 6


This week’s spotlights find us traversing the increasingly nonexistent boundary between indie and mainstream. I know, I know, hipsters’ heads are already starting to explode. The point of this week’s spotlights isn’t to claim that mainstream is increasingly great—oh, far from it. The point of music bloggers is to cull through all the shit out […]

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