[FESTIVAL NEWS] Spring Awakening Adds Surprise Headliner Jack Ü


  Earlier last month we reported that amongst the spectacular line up this year, Spring Awakening Music Festival would also reveal a surprise headliner. The wait is now over as superstar DJ/producer duo JACK Ü (Skrillex and Diplo) have been added to the festival roster. The announcement comes just days after the dance music heavyweights […]

[INDIE/ELECTRONICA] Who The Hell Is Karma Fields?


  Debuting an artist can take months of build up and Internet buzz. It’s always a risk and there’s always a chance it will fail. What Monstercat has done with Karma Fields is really impressive, and it seems the label has been able to build this buzz over night, but…who the hell IS Karma Fields? […]

[AMBIENT/EXPERIMENTAL] Benoît Pioulard – ‘Sonnet’ Album Review

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 12.43.12 PM

  Sometimes the cliche “got what it takes” doesn’t even approach your doubts: what if you have no idea what it takes in the first place? What if your target was wrong altogether, and all this invested time has now been squandered? You throw back a few bourbons, if you’re me, decide you’re a multifaceted […]

[HOUSE] Junge Junge – “Beautiful Girl” ft. Kyle Pearce


  Released today through Universal Music Sweden is the brand new single “Beautiful Girl” from electronic duo Junge Junge, who have recruited singer Kyle Pearce to provide vocals. This sun-soaked tune is simple in its form but gloriously effective, setting the tone with an infectious guitar riff sequence before inviting Pearce’s vocals to lead the […]

[ELECTRO POP] For Esme – Just Yet


  It’s not pretty a damsel in distress, don’t let me, romanticize the mess. Detached says the rustling of the voice behind me as I struggle with last nights inventory, it’s not the first time I hear that accusation. I feel the burning of his eyes on the curve beneath my back begging me to stay, […]

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Duke Dumont Feat. Esther Veen – I Got U (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)


  Last night my steps matched the beat of the finger snaps in this track as I made my way into the room where I’d leave it all behind. Last night I fell victim to the poison on your lips, the one that deviates rationality into nothing else but bad intentions. Last night the summer […]

[ELECTRONIC] The Knocks – “Dancing With Myself”

[ELECTRONIC] The Knocks - "Dancing With Myself"

  I leave the dance floor. Weaving my way to the back bar, I contemplate going back out. I’ve drank myself into another introspective night out and the music is the only thing keeping me company. Thank God for the music. To my left another short skirt orders a vodka water… what a waste. On […]

[INDIE HOUSE] Tove Lo – Talking Body (Gryffin Remix)


  If you love me right, we fuck for life There is absolutely no transcendental reason for me to have quoted that other than I love me some trashy. Tove Lo’s original Talking Body is a fun track to enjoy with your friends if you haven’t yet developed boobs and want to feel the danger […]

[INDIE ELECTRONICA] Kat Vinter – Sooner or Later

kat vinter 2

  I am a million pieces, I don’t know. How to put them back together; even though, I tried every combination, but never got it right. The azure name tag around my neck burns from 8 to 5 telling me to focus on my mission, Colgate didn’t win the morning war against Grey Goose and […]

[ELECTRO/SOUL] Late Night Radio – Polaroid EP [Free Download]

Late Night Radio

  I can never forget that moment at Electric Forest  2014 when I came across Late Night Radio (aka Alex Medellin) for the first time. It was hot and packed at the Observatory Stage,  yet somehow everyone found the room to dance incessantly to the electro-soul beats that were pouring into our ears. By the end […]