[ELECTRONIC] Bare Noize – “Dire/Reticulum”


  Tearing its way out of Pilot Records is the fresh sounding “Dire/Reticulum” release from production duo Bare Noize, whose previous works have come through the likes of Ministry of Sound, EMI and Mau5trap. This double-sided release kicks off with a dark, eerie build, dominated by deep swells of bass and the repetitive pulse of […]



  In my opinion, there’s nothing like some deep, dark techno. It’s trance’s evil twin, in a way; techno feels slightly sinister and decadent when compared to trance’s uplifting melodies, yet both of them share the same musical DNA. Techno is pure energy throughout, whilst trance has a story, but techno should never be without […]

[TICKET GIVEAWAY] Triple Threat: Win Tickets To See Bingo Players, Wolfgang Gartner, and Tommy Trash Live

[TICKET GIVEAWAY] Triple Threat: Win Tickets To See Bingo Players, Wolfgang, and Tommy Trash Live

  Santa’s passed out on Egg Nog, there’s an elf humping your tree, and the reindeers are getting DUI’s for flying while intoxicated. Shit’s officially hit the fan. But you shouldn’t have expected anything less with the news that the Nightmare After Christmas is coming to Chicago on December 27th! Featuring the triple threat of […]

[END OF YEAR] Hipster Had A Mainstream Baby: Best Pop 2014 (James Kabat and Kavi’s Pop Powers Unite)


  The bones of a song are good. Sometimes, even, no matter whose mental vagina it crawled out of. Mainstream does not equal low quality, just so long as all the accouterments of the modern studio  are put to use carving a track to its heart. Not acting like child proofing, saving us from anything […]

[REMIXES] Sirena – “Chemicals”


  Out this week through 2 Many Freckles/Svenska Inspelningar/Universal Music is the impressive remix package of the beautiful “Chemicals” from Sweden’s Sirena. Each bringing equally refreshing twists are duo Televisor, Nils Noa and Addal, who all captivate the key parts of an already stunning release. Televisor’s remix opens the show bringing a fresh sounding 80s,disco vibe that runs strong throughout, with […]

[ELECTRO] Kid Arkade – “Underbelly”


  Dropping today on Ultra Records comes the third release from the relatively unknown Kid Arkade. This release follows on from the spectacular entrance into the electronic music scene that was “Atlas Run” and “Iceberg”, alongside a recent remix of the beautiful track ‘Closer’ by English singer-songwriter Rae Morris. “Underbelly” is dominated by a punchy […]


featured image ritual

  Ritual has given me overly-attached stalker syndrome. Having searched for the band’s details and some input on their creative process, Google has for the very first time let me down. No need to panic though, after hearing The Fall EP these guys are bound to start receiving the attention they deserve. My first affair on […]

[DANCE] TOURIST ft. Years & Years – “Illuminate” (MJ Cole Remix)

[DANCE] TOURIST  ft. Years & Years - "Illuminate" (MJ Cole Remix)

  The dark is creeping in. I don’t mean that in an existential way. No, I’ll leave the dark stuff to our senior editor, Kavi. I mean it in the most visible of ways: winter has come and the days now grow eerily dark all too soon. This world needs more light for these cold, […]

[ELECTRONIC/DANCE] Madeon ft. Kyan – “You’re On”

[ELECTRONIC] Madeon ft. Kyan - "You're On"

  Like a ray of sunshine on a cold Chicago day, twenty-year old Madeon has cut through the clouds with the release of a bright new dance track that should sprinkle some color into your life. As the clouds begin to part and “You’re On” lays upon you it’s warming synths and bouncy vocals, you […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA/VERSUS] Purity Ring – “Push Pull” (Kavi vs Saam Idelji-Tehrani Dual Review)


  Here at The Sights and Sounds we don’t always agree on music. Just like you and your friends. Yeah, sometimes we fight, sometimes it’s a whole world of Marvel vs. Capcom in our crew page forum as we go at it over music. Lovingly, of course. We feel strongly about music and we know […]