[BAND SPOTLIGHT] Fight Clvb’s First Rule? F*ck All Rules, Make Music (Maybe Love)


“The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club…” Yeah, we invoked its name. All the Edward Norton super-fans snarl. Like him. Yeah, you. The one in Oklahoma City sniffing that gym sock of ‘his’ you bought on e-bay. I see you. He’s never going to love you back. You’ll […]

[INTERVIEW] Bombs Away On Getting Low


We’ve been all over party banger “Squats” from Oh Snap! and Bombs Away for some time, and decided we should find out a little about the making of it from Aussie pairing Bombs Away. Check out our exclusive interview below… Oh Snap! is on vocals for Squats. What do you think he brings to the track? […]


NYC Skyline

Having spent plenty of time in the studio this year alongside picking up their DJ bookings is UNDERCOVER, the house duo originally from Brooklyn. They are now fully back on the scene, and are armed with their second album, a glorious collection of sounds titled “Night Beats.” Drawing on inspiration from the parties and clubs […]

[TOUR] Goshfather & Jinco Kick Off Their Ampersands Across America Tour In Chicago Today!


What’s good today in the world of electronic music? DJ duo Goshfather & Jinco kick off their Ampersands Across America Tour today at Sound Bar in Chicago! The Northern California producers Jeremy Berger (top left) and Victor Tapia (top right) have a ton of buzz around them after releasing their track, ‘Uber’ – yes, it’s about the car service. Say […]

[FESTIVALS] CRSSD Festival is this fall’s all-star alternative to EDM

CRSSD Fall Fest Lineup

Festival season extends well past August here in golden Southern California, and the hardest decision you’ll have is which events to attend.  Although CRSSD Festival is only on its second installment, it stands out among the cluster of kandi raves, desert burner parties and scrubby camping festivals as the chic, forward-thinking older sibling.  The fall […]

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