Having already established quite a following after their massive club hits Gotham and Requiem the mysterious duo behind the project Ten Walls are continuing their success with another massive track, Walking With Elephants, that is sure to reach the anthem status achieved by their previous two releases. Much like its predecessors, ‘Elephants’ takes the listener […]

[QUICK MIX - ELECTRO/TRAP] GoodSex – “TW3RK” Mix For Alex Kislov’s ‘All About The Music’

Looking for some quick, feel good jams to get your Easter weekend off to a great start? Look no further than this eclectic mix from Chicago staple, GoodSex. As is his mantra, good music equals good sex, and his “TW3RK” mix for Alex Kislov’s ‘All About The Music’ podcast is just that – a great […]

[ELECTRO/FUNK] Kill Paris – “The Walk”

[ELECTRO/FUNK] Kill Paris - "The Walk"

Colorado native, Corey Baker, better known by his stage name Kill Paris, is no stranger to what he calls “panty soak dropstep”. A combination of funk-infused basslines and melodic dubstep, Kill Paris has crafted a unique style upon which he has built his own record label on last year. Dubbed Sexy Electric, KP’s label is […]

[CONCERT REVIEW/PHOTO RECAP] Lotus And The Floozies Tear Up The Riviera

[CCONCERT REVIEW/PHOTO RECAP] Lotus And The Floozies Tear Up The Riviera

Lotus dropped by our hometown of Chicago last weekend for a pair of dope back to back shows. Unfortunately, I did not attend night one (Friday, April 11th) of this magnificent music extravaganza. Night two however, well, that’s an entirely different story. While Friday featured openers like Penguin Prison and Gigamesh, Saturday brought out some names […]

[CONCERT RECAP] David Guetta Pays Tribute To Frankie Knuckles At Chicago Performance

David Guetta (1 of 3)

I must admit I was a bit skeptical before seeing David Guetta on a Saturday night at a concert venue as large as the Aragon Entertainment Center. The dance music giant and DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s 2011 poll winner has been known to a cause a polarizing opinion or two. To some, he is […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Phantogram- Fall In Love (Until The Ribbon Breaks Re-Imagination)


Darkness twists and darkness pulls, and sometimes synths can shower us enough until we drown, forced to swim outside our trapped, little worlds. Those kinds of synths turn the production into a firehose, and they always inevitably fail any time they try and force a Phantogram song to be anything other than what it inherently […]

[INDIE/HOUSE] Passion Pit – “Moth’s Wings” (Artec Remix) [Free Download]

[INDIE/HOUSE] Passion Pit - "Moth's Wings" (Artec Remix) [Free Download]

As electronic music continues to blend the line between genres, more and more will we find music that captures our tastes in more than one way. I first started seeing it way back in 2009, with Miike Snow’s breakthrough remix of Vampire Weekend’s “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance”. Since that time there have been […]

[CHILLED] Zedd – “Find You” (Sci-Fi Scheme Remix) [Free Download]

[CHILLED] Zedd - "Find You" (Sci-Fi Scheme Remix) [Free Download]

Sometimes life just doesn’t give you a single breath of fresh air as you struggle under the constant demands of life, surrounded by impending deadlines and expectations – drowning under the pressures of all that needs to be done. I see it everywhere – hell, I’m guilty of it on a daily basis – repeating […]

[CONCERT NEWS] Dr. Fresch at Spybar

Dr. Fresch

Deep house has been the EDM subgenre that has built up the most momentum during 2014 so far. With increased popularity comes increased exposure, and now producer’s/DJ’s seem to be playing it out all over the place. Keeping that in mind, our hometown of Chicago does a great job of bringing in a wide variety […]

[QUICK MIX - ELECTRONIC] DJ Politik – “Cool Kid Syndrome [002]: Coachella 2014″

Two weekends of Coachella are about to take place in the beautiful Coachella Valley situated nearby infamous Joshua Tree in Southern California. With six days of music to quench even the most thirsty music seeker, sometimes it can be hard to pick exactly who you want to see at any given performance time. Luckily, DJ […]