[HOUSE] King Arthur Vs Topher Jones – “Before I Was King”


Finding himself in familiar territory this week, back on his home label Ultra Music is Topher Jones. However, this time it’s probably not as you expect, as this brand new release sees two versions of the same producer going head to head. Under his new guise King Arthur, it’s a curious case of Jones remixing […]



With another strong release out this week, Universal Sweden show no signs of slowing down their stream of rather brilliant music. They have just brought out “Goosebumps”, an outstanding piece of tropical house that comes from up and coming Stockholm three-some SMAJL.  This track offers remarkable production skills, and the tunes itself is a hazy, […]

[HOUSE] Vigiland – “Addicted”


  Claes Remmered Persson and Otto Pettersson are the pairing who make up the formidable dance duo Vigiland. The Swedish twosome chalked up one of 2015 biggest and most reactionary records in the form of their last single “Shots & Squats”, which had all listeners and ravers not really giving a fuck. They step back […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Two Fresh Mixes for Your Week From Win & Woo, Kings Of Class


This week I got two new mixes for your arsenal of audio entertainment. Both are GoodSex approved and are sure to make any mundane task more enjoyable. Throw either on the stereo to improve your skill as you clean your house or romance your lover. First up the KoC Slanging Cowboys themselves, Kings of Class, […]


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.15.25 AM

Today, we have the distinct pleasure of being one of the first sites to cover the new remix release from emerging Vancouver-based artist/producer On Planets. This time around, he decided to put a really chill spin on the MXMS single “OMG.” MXMS asked him to remix the track while they wrap up their nationwide tour […]

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