[SHORT FILM] ‘Hear Here Unicorn’ Gets Burning Man Green-Light To Film On Playa

HearHereUnicorn (1 of 13) FINAL low res

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” -John Lennon Burning Man, it’s a place of craziness, eccentricity, love, friendship, hardship, support, community, and mystery. It’s whatever you want it to be, really. But what makes the playa especially extraordinary is it’s ability to seamlessly weave all these things together into one cohesive […]

[SYNTH POP] Vicktor Taiwo – “Feathers & Wax”

I already let you fall once. This is another green world.  I had fallen but I stood, on shaking, hesitant legs, but I stood nonetheless, on greener ground. It was the fall that brought me here. This place where I said I could ‘find myself’, the ‘real me’. I notice how the line between delusional […]

[CONCERT REVIEW] Gramatik At Red Rocks a.k.a Blizzmatik


Two pairs of wool socks, boots, Under Armour, hand warmers and hat, I debate long underwear for good measure but realize it’s most likely packed away into the abyss of winter gear. Did I mention, it’s May?     Among winter storm and flood warnings I prepare myself to head up to the rocks, Red […]

[INDIE/ROCK] X Ambassadors – “Renegades”

“Long live the pioneers, rebels, and mutineers.” Everyone called me crazy. Crazy because I didn’t fit in their comfortable little box of what life should be. Go to school, graduate and get a job, they said. Work your way up in your career, find a girlfriend and get married, they told me. Find a quaint […]

[SHORT SHOTS OF SOUND] Ulysse// Wounds + TOYS//Golden Line


Short Shots of Sounds is a periodic series on the Sights And Sounds where we take a deeper look at what filthily beautiful art can tell us vis a vis a music video. To submit your video for consideration, contact senior editor Kavi at the info on his profile. ________________________________________ ULYSSE// WOUNDS We fight. Just […]

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