[WORLD POST] Global Artists Soundcast #1: India + Israel + Argentina + Mexico + 6 More Countries


[WORLD POST] is a monthly series on The Sights And Sounds. Rules are simple: I pick electronic bands from around the world. 1 from each continent (at least). Minus that fucking Antarctica, natch. No artists from the United States, UK, or Canada. English not required, only quality. WANT TO BE FEATURED? Message our Senior Editor […]

[HOUSE] David Tort – ACID (Henrix & Digital Lab remix)

David Tort remix cover

Festival season may be winding to a close in most parts of the world, but that only means the clubs are getting hotter during the winter season. To kick off your next night out, proven party-starter Henrix is back with a bomb remix of a classic house track. He has remixed David Tort’s “Acid” in […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Day-Drinking Whiskey: New Singles by Varien/Mr. Fijiwiji, Adrian Lux/Fehrplay + A-trak/Instrum


PHOTO CREDIT// ALEX MINKSY Take the whiskey bottle. Hold it up to the light. A kaleidoscope of pain kicks me in the face. The light. Heh. What the fuck ever. Ostensibly, that light is called the sun. Warms you. Lifegiver, bringer. To all the little things that run around this earth like co-dependent lovers. Sucking […]

[STATE OF SOUND] New Artists Soundcast #20: I Defy Love, Bro Edition


STATE OF SOUND is a Sights and Sounds feature where I select new electronically focused bands of stratospheric level quality that’ve been hanging around the periphery of the blogopshere’s vision (just waiting to be discovered). I select only on quality, but try to shoot for Soundcloud/Facebook followers of <6000. If you’d like to be considered […]

[NEWS] Danny Daze, Jimmy Edgar, J.Phlip, andhim & more ring in NYE at MINIMAL EFFORT

Minimal Effort 2

  Minimal Effort has emerged among the pop-up rave community to be one of the most expertly curated parties the west coast has to offer, putting on legendary events with some of the biggest, baddest names in the international underground dance music scene.  You won’t have to buy a plane ticket to Europe or call […]

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