[DARK INDIETRONICA] Jade Blue- Moving Away


That wintry voice warning you you’re not a fuckup. The arrangement that feels like a sleeping bag in the expansive tundra. Yeah, I know this track: it’s one that has me fighting for fetal position in the corner of the couch, howling whispered barbs at myself. Then realizing I should be on my own side, […]

[DARK POP] HUNTAR- Expectations


If a meaningful mugging in the mirror moves your inner mouth to silence, well, you’re pretty fucked. Spontaneous shouts at the self are more than sweet nothings, they’re a sign you care enough to put up the shield and shiv and sic yourself on life. Maybe you’re screaming at yourself–maybe the mirror has concerns for […]

[DARK POP/R&B] SZA- Babylon


Drowning yourself is ruthless rhyme. Dance deliberately with darkness, but don’t dawdle or you’ll thrash about. You’ll gasp, and suck air into your mouth and out of the room: those fitful puffs, involuntary sure, but they shoot from you like a flare gun bursting the goddamn bubble. Someone’s going to come running, someone’s going to […]

[DARK POP] Jenny Wilson- Pyramids (Rose Out of Our Pain) [Trentemøller Remix]

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I’ve never been one much for thunder, either as disorienting roar or as precursor to destruction.  Something about it’s weak: if you’re going to lash the world, just fucking do it—don’t give warning to flee. But Jenny Wilson has a storm in her veins, thunder is all she hears, ‘problems are all she knows’; and […]

[Indie Rock] Murder by Death – Stanley Hotel Show Review


If you have ever seen or even heard of the classic novel “The Shining” by Stephen King, you probably have some idea that it was inspired by the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. A very haunting and bone chilling hotel located atop the mountains has delivered ghost stories for almost a century now. Stephen […]

[MONTHLY] Love Lobotomy: Best Sounds of 11.2013


Sometimes these mind hills be dark, yo. Well, anyone who follows The Sights and Sounds, and in particular my posts, might know that are music selections certainly steer more towards the darker side of the pop universe. Happiness, after all, is just a concept you explore once the mind has gone to mush. But in […]



Such dark thunderous bass: it knocks off the little, hard pieces of my heart, like the dusk sky to a gargoyle.  At first glance, the booming sounds of ‘Got Well Soon’ portend nothing good, at least for the rosy of spirit; but with the proper passport of mind to ride them, they feel like liberation. […]



If you want to fuck with me… At least take me to bed. That sounds like the sarcastic, sly saying I’d send as shade to a shittastic lover.  Because, see, like Aiden, I’m a bit weary of this modern love. And no, I don’t mean some postmodern, distant, corrupted version of romance that people like […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Portugal The Man- Modern Jesus (Mike D Remix)


The only rule we need is never Giving up The only faith we have is faith in us And with those lines, Portugal the Man laid down the gauntlet (in what, clearly, is one of the year’s best singles). I’m a big pusher of go-it-alone, inwardly turned anthems; particularly ones that slash with iconoclast’s fiery […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Shine 2009- Older (Null Remix)


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m weak for dark pop remixes of lofty, joy pop. I revel in the way they shiv the soft spots of the merry melodies, covering them in the blood of the song’s dark undercurrent; and every good song has one, even, ostensibly happy songs–hell, definitely happy songs.  I’ve said many […]