[DARK POP] Rhye- 3 Days (Nick Monaco Retouch)[FREE DOWNLOAD]


Sometimes the bones involved aren’t only boners. Sex, it seeps into your bones. And that long term sex, that devastating sex with someone you know, you know intimately, well, that’s like a rapid osteoporosis. It, by every caress, each  suck down the  neck by pursed, kissing lips, that tittilating thigh entwinement, leeches the life from […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] St. Lucia- The Way You Remember Me (Bearstronaut Remix)


Don’t remember me this way. I wasn’t always a shadow dancing effortlessly on the wall, following my form wherever it may go. At one time I actually led my own life. And I charged it into bedrooms and burst it out of boardroom mentality, because I was a free spirit goddammit But a few shocks […]

[DARK DANCE] Indiana- Heart on Fire (Bobby Tank Remix)


[D I feel like I'm the only one this doesn't happen to. I don't meet people and have them alter my being, course correct my path based off their sexual (and, I guess) personal auras. I move along in my path and let people, like streams around me, flow through my life. But nothing says […]

[DARK R&B/BASS] Ty Dolla $ign – Or Nah (K Theory Remix) [Free Download]

k theory or nah

Shit. It’s a pretty big pot. Your back tenses you’ve got a decent hand, but is it enough? The other guy just went all-in doubling the pot. You know losing what you’ve already lost will cut you out of the game. Feeling the heat, you do your best to hide it— don’t give anything away. […]

[DARK POP] Frank Ocean- We All Try (Cofresi Remix)


Attention, yo. I said MOTHERFUCKING ATTENTION, yo. Ah, now that your eyes are on the proper line due to internet YELLING, please forgive the interruption in your normal music review perusing, for this ‘very special’ review of Frank Ocean’s “We All Try”. Ocean reviews  are a dime a dirty dozen these days,  so much like […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Zhu- Faded (Amtrac Remix)


It was always going to take a hardcore charm offensive to get me to fade my cold shoulder to ZHU’s ‘Faded’.  Look, I am a walking party. I ain’t got no judgements: I’m the kind of person that’ll jump on the motorbike of a person in Viet Nam I just met at the promise of a momentous […]

[DARK HOP] The Smiths-There’s a Light That Never Goes Out (RBTS WIN Cover)


That track that made a certain generation, and those who find it by heavy handed hinting in the direction (as Smiths fans hew towards). feel as though they belonged? Yeah, that’s ‘There is A Light That Never Goes Out’. By the title, you’d think it was some shallow anthem, but The Smiths were always too […]

[POP] KIESZA – “Giant In My Heart/What Is Love?”


Canadian born but London and New York based singer-songwriter Kiesa Rae Ellestad has managed to create quite a buzz for herself with her global smash Hideaway in the recent months. Riding the current 90′s house revival craze she has elegantly been able to create a sound that’s as much radio friendly as it is dance […]



Pryda Friends prodigy Jonas Von Der Fehr (aka Fehrplay) released his highly anticipated masterpiece Everywhere You Go on June 27th on Ultra. Gracefully combining elements of 90′s piano house with his signature melodic deep house sound and groovy synths he pulls off yet another almost effortless sounding banger that not only further exemplifies his ever-expanding […]



Our Pride Month(s) series has been exploring the ways that queer art and music is developing in an ever changing and supposedly more progressive world. But we don’t just want you to hear our voices here at The Sights and Sounds. Which is why we’re also bringing you a set of interviews featuring queer artists […]