[DARK INDIETRONICA] Galimatias- Night Owl


I do the midnight mode mambo with my mind all the time. I’m writing this at 2:17am–an hour, even in the rural parts of Thailand where roosters roam every inch of the road, where even they would say ‘fuck off. this is too early to wake the world’.  But since I was 7 my blood […]

[CHILLED INDIETRONICA] Kilter – Coward (Feat. Ngaiire)


Insomnia. Defined as habitual sleeplessness. I find comfort through darkness by myself. Deep in thoughts, the mysteries I keep to myself are none that I am willing to share to those closest. Thoughts that brick by brick hold a barrier that contain my sanity. Connected by cement made by memories of my own struggles. Endlessly […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Little Dragon- Pretty Girls (Gold Fields Remix)


Don’t get stuck.  You move in for a kiss but your lips feel like suburbia.  Your hands caress my neck  but they feel like the stranglehold of a white picket fence, boxing me in.  Your arm hair is like the blades of grass of some goddamn lawn I’m going to have to mow, rub my […]

[DANCE] THE KNOCKS – “Classic” (ft. Powers)


In one of many upcoming collabs on the Sights and Sounds, two of our writers, James Kabat and Kavit Sumud, tackle the new Knocks single (a band we deeply support here at the Sights and Sounds for bringing intelligence to dance). For this single, check out a letter from the band and the track at […]

[STATE OF SOUND] New Artists Soundcast #4: Night Sports, Tove Styrke/White Sea, Lanks

state of sound#4

STATE OF SOUND is a feature on The Sights and Sounds where we select new electronically focused bands/artists (Either Soundcloud/Facebook followers < 3000) and bring their best songs to light. Getting traction on blogs can be a pain in the ass if you don’t already have traction in, but we happen to think there’s a whole sea of […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Wildcat! Wildcat!- Circuit Breaker


And I came to you for comfort, but you’re just a terrorist wrapped in a romantic’s scarves. My heart:  it’d been beaten into a fine, ground powder of yearning glances, naivete, and tainted nights of big spoon/little spoon fights.  And you packaged it up, you caressed the tender edges and plugged up the holes with […]

[DARK POP] Computer Magic- Mindstate


I really need to get myself the fuck out of here.  Like stat. This summer, this vicious summer that has my mind encircling all sorts of drains of thoughts just waiting to suck me down into some neverending whirpool of woe, it’s killing me. Or it’s healing me. I really don’t know anymore. I kind […]

[FESTIVAL PREVIEW] Beacons Festival: New Bands Not To Miss

Beacons Logo 2014

Beacons Festival 2014 in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales, is less than two weeks away and here at The Sights and Sounds not only are we excited about the likes of Darkside, Jon Hopkins, Neneh Cherry with Rocketnumbernine, Charli XCX and Action Bronson, but we are also extremely excited about the wealth of talent on the undercard. Here are […]

[DARK POP] Rhye- 3 Days (Nick Monaco Retouch)[FREE DOWNLOAD]


Sometimes the bones involved aren’t only boners. Sex, it seeps into your bones. And that long term sex, that devastating sex with someone you know, you know intimately, well, that’s like a rapid osteoporosis. It, by every caress, each  suck down the  neck by pursed, kissing lips, that tittilating thigh entwinement, leeches the life from […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] St. Lucia- The Way You Remember Me (Bearstronaut Remix)


Don’t remember me this way. I wasn’t always a shadow dancing effortlessly on the wall, following my form wherever it may go. At one time I actually led my own life. And I charged it into bedrooms and burst it out of boardroom mentality, because I was a free spirit goddammit But a few shocks […]