Dana And The Wolf Confront The Fearful Majority In “Got Me Poly”

Dana And The Wolf Confront The Fearful Majority In “Got Me Poly”

Dana And The Wolf Confront The Fearful Majority In “Got Me Poly”


Open love, divisive looks. Side glances and prerequisites for acceptance.

Do you cast overt stares at lovers with no bounds? Or are you as open as you say you are?

How deep is your love? Does it stand with chin up and open arms or sulk with crossed limbs?

Against a sultry string backdrop and a pulsing beat, Dana And The Wolf struggle to explain polyamory to newfound lovers.

“All these single people always dealing with departing/ Staying open ‘cuz I’m always in season/ My girl’s got wings for a reason.”

Perhaps garnering more mystery than clarity, polyamory is edging its way into the mainstream as the idea of open love rises to the forefront of culture again. However, those that live in the You Or Me world of not enough have trouble grasping the concept.

“As open minded as people seem these days, there’s still so much prejudice towards people with multiple lovers,” says Dana Lynn Hobson, one half of Dana And The Wolf. “I don’t want it to sound like I’ll fuck anyone. I have a big heart. I don’t see the benefit in closing it off to certain people I meet in my life.”

dana and the wolf

What does open love mean to you? Does society’s expectations surrounding love keep you from living your truth?

“So I got caught with a girlfriend/ Woopsies/ Everybody know that the search ends/ Only in the movies.”

“’Got Me Poly’ is about confronting the fearful majority,” says Daniel Wolf.

But the track is not just a stand for polyamory – it’s a call to unveil sexuality in all it’s beauty and wildness – “Got Me Poly” forces the listener to confront his/her own sexuality.

“At the end of the day, being ‘poly’ is just as ridiculous and insatiable as ‘mono,’ the latter is just more boring,” Daniel continues, challenging the system that maintains monogamy as the default.

Taking a stand for openness and love is what drives Dana And The Wolf.

What drives you?

Stream Dana And The Wolf – “Got Me Poly” below:

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