[SIGHTS] Inspiration Week #1

[SIGHTS] Inspiration Week #1

[SIGHTS] Inspiration Week #1


I love to surf the internet a lot, and I usually find some pretty interesting things when I do. Whether it’s the next big viral video, a cute picture of an animal with a funny quote painted on, or some great artist I’ve never heard of, great inspiration come come from anywhere. There are a lot of other blogs that do something similar, but there are so many artists in the world  looking for that “one” image to get their spark lit that one more post on the subject won’t hurt. Maybe one of these images will inspire your next great project. So, here is my collection of inspirational pieces for week #1. Enjoy.

Hendrix with picks 2

Hendrix with picks

Jimi Hendrix poster made from 5,000 guitar picks. Created by UK mosaic artist Ed Chapman.

Street artist  Space Invader, in addition to his mosaic work, has been creating art with Rubik’s Cubes which he coins “Rubikcubism.”


Colorful Ideas by Cenk Photo.


Text Bed Sheets

Book Bed Sheets

Check out these great ideas for your sleeping space. The idea to print different bedtime stories on blankets that read like books is amazing.

Works by Swedish Illustrator Linn Olofsdotter.

“Horse bike” by Korean designer Eungi Kim.

Check out these amazing sketches artist/illustrator Jainai Jeffries sends to clients on their envelopes.

So that’s it for Week #1. As always you can follow The Sights and Sounds on Twitter @TheSightsSounds. And please feel free to leave comments below. Stay tuned for more of the web’s most eye-opening, jaw-dropping, and breath-taking inspirational images next week!


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