Lightning In A Bottle Festival Announces Phase 2 Lineup

Lightning In A Bottle Festival Announces Phase 2 Lineup

Lightning In A Bottle Festival Announces Phase 2 Lineup


Good news Do Lab lovers: phase two of the Lightning in a Bottle 2018 lineup is here!

Alongside the first announcement of highly anticipated sets, starting today we get to delve into dozens of more artists to get excited over. The Grand Artique, Favela, Pagoda and Compass stages will host another groundbreaking sweep of artists come May.

There are only 105 days until the festival grounds open, but hey— who’s counting? 😉

Phase Two Lineup:

lightning in a bottle 2018 lineup

Some of the clear standouts are Beats Antique Lightning Orchestra, Ooah & Boreta (2/3 of Glitch Mob), Alexander Lewis, KLL SMTH, Kraddy, and a second appearance from Monolink (who is scheduled to play the Lightning Stage as well.)

I can’t hold back from smiling to myself while reminiscing on familiar good vibes spreading throughout the festival to the soundtrack of some defying LIB sounds by Grant Artique featured bands like Too Many Zooz.

It’s the artists at these smaller stages that make LIB the truly special place that it is. If you don’t recognize any artists announced today, there is a lot of fun to be discovered by doing some pre-festival research and swinging by these sets when the time comes!

lightning in a bottle 2018 lineup

Lightning in a Bottle’s phase two highlights the immersive musical areas that the event has become known for like the famed western frontier of the Grand Artique, outdoor house-bumping haven of the Favela, the iconic bass haven of Pagoda, and of course the core of the festival’s ethos, Compass.

In Lightning in a Bottle music director and co-founder Jesse Flemming’s own words:

“We’re definitely not trying to play the same game we are seeing with all the massive festivals these days when we book our music programming. Forget the big names you can see at 10 other festivals this year. For us the goal is to craft a musical playlist that will perfectly guide people along the experience we’re trying to create. We book each stage to be its own separate journey on any given day and we try to diversify it as much as possible so when you’re wandering around during the weekend you can always find something just right for you. This has been our goal since day one and it continues to shape how we book today.”

Ticket prices increase at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 26. The festival is currently accepting applications for work trade, food and marketplace vendors, big art and interactive areas, live painting, performance art, healers, workshop/presenters, and press.

Such participant applications can be found here.

Tickets and more info can be found on LiB’s official website.

lightning in a bottle 2018 lineup


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