Lucidity Festival 2018: Rising Dawn Shares A New Tale For Humanity

Lucidity Festival 2018: Rising Dawn Shares A New Tale For Humanity

Lucidity Festival 2018: Rising Dawn Shares A New Tale For Humanity


It’s no mistake that stories are told before bedtime. Right before we shift into the dream world, a transition of consciousness takes place: seamlessly and profoundly.

There is a village bedded in the hills of Santa Barbara at Live Oak Fairground where reality and dreams collaborate. A new story awakens beneath the soil, through the meadows, and above the buttermilk sky. Strangers discover a way of reuniting, having never met before. Our vision for a better tomorrow is pieced together and we build this home for a three-day campout weekend that tells the tale of Lucidity.

Lucidity Festival 2018: Rising Dawn is more than a festival though…

It is an interactive and immersive reality that draws upon fiction and fantasy. It is a reverie of wide-eyed curiosity for attendees to participate in and explore empirically throughout the “villages” and beyond. A healing arts village with offerings ranging from massage to chiropractic to herbal remedies or reiki. An entire realm for families and children featuring fun for the babies, teens, and us “big kids.” Also, an entire gamut of yoga classes and workshops surrounding personal growth technology, environmental activism, and more.

Immediately preceding the festival is a week long learning experience called Lucid University CourseWeek. It places students in the midst of a festival being built around them as they immerse themselves in a course of their choice. See more about Lucidity CourseWeek here.

Rising Dawn places emphasis on a new story for Lucidity.

“Interact with the characters, ask questions, and one might find there’s a deeper game to play, a more profound meaning to it all, a link between the dreamtime and this waking life that could just be the answer to the ever-burning questions in the hearts of many.”

The previous six-year long story featured Archetypal Villages whereas Rising Dawn starts a new chapter with Elemental Realms. These dimensions will showcase the 5 Elemental Realms of Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Spirit. There is more to be seen than what is on the surface. They encourage exploration: the possibility to find yourself deeply grounded, peacefully lost, and fiercely tamed. So much lays ahead with so little standing in the way of our story. See you when I close my eyes. See you at Lucidity. <3

Lucidity Festival 2018: Rising Dawn is April 6-8, 2018

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