Whethan Flips Clairo’s ‘Pretty Girl’ For A Vivacious Bootleg

Get ready to add an upbeat new track to those Summer 2018 playlists; Whethan uploaded his rendition of Clairo’s “Pretty Girl” this morning on Soundcloud. The original track, which can be listened to here, is allegedly a personal favorite of his. Listen to Clairo – Pretty Girl (Whethan Bootleg) now:  Clairo is on the rise as a […]

French Horn Rebellion & Patawawa Are Trying Hard To Be Your “Mr. Romantic”

Trying too hard to be “Mr. Romantic” this year? Even if you don’t have all the right moves, French Horn Rebellion & Patawawa make love sound so good. Do you stumble when walking by? Try to hold hands at the wrong time? Your dancing isn’t cute, but damn you try. The effort counts, and it’s […]

Tipling Rock Are Looking For Something New In “TMSN”

I’m trying, babe, can you tell me something new? Don’t blame me, love, it’s sometimes hard to get it right. Don’t be so hard on me – can’t you see I want to be better? I’m trying, trying all the time. Can’t you give me a line to hang on to? Plucky guitar and a […]

Sleep State Highlights High School Awkwardness In Indie-Pop Single

High School. There is hardly a context in which humans cut their teeth in awkwardness so ruthlessly. “I’m an expert at living in discomfort.” Too fat, too skinny, too loud, too quiet. Too prude, too slutty, too weird, too perfect. It was a barrier to some, a challenge for others, and a call to action […]

[VIDEO PREMIERE] Help! I Can’t Get Loud Forest “Out Of My Head”

Mind on overdrive. Repeat, repeat, repeat. There she is, judge myself, thoughts race. My brain is stuck on loop thinking of you, I need to get “Out Of My Head”. Raise your hand if you’ve been there before. 🙋🏽 You see her (him) on your walk to work every morning. Don’t worry that you Freudian […]