Sleep State Highlights High School Awkwardness In Indie-Pop Single

High School. There is hardly a context in which humans cut their teeth in awkwardness so ruthlessly. “I’m an expert at living in discomfort.” Too fat, too skinny, too loud, too quiet. Too prude, too slutty, too weird, too perfect. It was a barrier to some, a challenge for others, and a call to action […]

[VIDEO PREMIERE] Help! I Can’t Get Loud Forest “Out Of My Head”

Mind on overdrive. Repeat, repeat, repeat. There she is, judge myself, thoughts race. My brain is stuck on loop thinking of you, I need to get “Out Of My Head”. Raise your hand if you’ve been there before. 🙋🏽 You see her (him) on your walk to work every morning. Don’t worry that you Freudian […]

Louis The Child & Whethan Team Up For The Super Sweet Mixtape ‘HONEY’

Remember the time you listened to something so sweet you went into a sugar coma? If you don’t, you’re about to. Producer duo Louis The Child has teamed up with fellow Chicago native Whethan on the fresh new instrumental mixtape, “HONEY”. Like the colony, each individual track plays into the whole, creating a complex and […]

Casual Male Is All About “Time, Wasted” In Catchy New Single

Casual Male is making music for all the mainstream males out there. Getting older, having a drink to pass the time and looking back on “Time, Wasted” in failed love. ‘Cause I had to move from the past, I never want to go back. Time, wasted, my dear, is time I never will get back. […]

Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Bring The Classic “99 Red Balloons” To The Dancefloor

While it’s been covered and remixed hundreds of ways, Oliver Nelson and Tobtok manage to put a fresh new spin on “99 Red Balloons”. The duo will perform a special 3D performance in London on January 31st that is not to be missed! It’s been 35 years since the “99 Red Balloons” was first released […]