The Hails’ Laid Back Single “Younger” Croons For Different Times

Tell me how it was when you were younger. I’m sure it was better then – I’m sure you and I were better then. I’ll wait around, the clock waits not for me. A younger me would tell me not to wait around, but here I am pretending to kill the time when all that’s […]

Modern Me Let’s Go In Upbeat Indie-Rock Single “Dead To Me”

You stood out to me. You were a mystery. Now you’re out of my life and you’re “Dead To Me”. Dead to me, but not forgotten. How else to let go of the emotion holding me down? Irony in itself, looking back in the act of trying not to look back. Singing helps, it seems. […]

Dana And The Wolf Confront The Fearful Majority In “Got Me Poly”

Open love, divisive looks. Side glances and prerequisites for acceptance. Do you cast overt stares at lovers with no bounds? Or are you as open as you say you are? How deep is your love? Does it stand with chin up and open arms or sulk with crossed limbs? Against a sultry string backdrop and […]

[THE DAILY SWIM] Heal Yourself Through Music With Kaleidoscopic Sounds From Jareth

Life is a Kaleidoscope of swirling colors, emotions, sounds, and strife. We don’t always know when drama will strike, but music can offer the escape and therapy needed to cope. With dreamlike atmospheres, music has the ability to allow us to dive “into the depths of one’s subconsciousness’ to confront your fears and learn to […]