[MUSIC VIDEO/POP] What Exactly Is Going On In Katy Perry’s New Music Video?

[MUSIC VIDEO/POP] What Exactly Is Going On In Katy Perry’s New Music Video?

[MUSIC VIDEO/POP] What Exactly Is Going On In Katy Perry’s New Music Video?


Katy Perry?

You may have heard that name before. Chances are, you’re either into her or really, really hate her.

It’s certainly no secret Perry defines all that is mainstream pop music.

“California Gurl”s over-the-top animated candy land visuals complete with Snoop Dogg cameo practically transported you to the great American dreamland that is “Candyfornia”..Right?

To the surprise of few, Perry’s back, and with a new mantra.

This time taking on a political twist. You may not want to admit this one, but Perry is damn well conscious of the mainstream beast she’s created.

But a question remains.

Is Perry sincerely committed to duping her mainstream pop music’s message as it stands?

In her latest visuals for “Chained To The Rhythm”, the video set in a fifties amusement park, riders are launched to their death from their very own seats.

Obviously this theme park is no fun getaway, rather a daunting display of American behaviors and a critique of the repetitive distractions society partakes in.

Perry says we’re living in a bubble. Not only in her lyrics, but also by using an immense amount of satirical imagery. In doing so she suggests humans engage in mindless, meaningless, and repetitive tasks/jobs they hate, meanwhile seeming to ignore all that is wrong in the world around them.

Are we crazy?
Living our lives through a lens/Trapped in our white picket fence
Like ornaments
So comfortable, we’re living in a bubble, bubble
So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, trouble

If the lyrics themselves aren’t enough of a hint to the veil of ignorance that some fail to subside, Perry’s carefully plotted, satirical visuals will surely do the trick.

Perry’s video may go to extra lengths to prove just how woke she believes she is, but underneath it all, is Perry still just a mega million-dollar star, making what she sees fit for the times? Is it fair to assume everyone is really able enough to unchain themselves from the rhythm that is their life?

Is this critique one of sincerity, is she aiming to move pop forward, or is she merely just trying to milk the United States’ political environment for the sake of her own success?

In a recent conversation at the Grammy’s she was quoted saying the following about the song:

“I think it’s just a song that starts conversations and I think that’s what we need more than ever,” she said. “There’s so much divisiveness and people on one side or the other and I think we just need to listen to each other. I hope that that song does that.”

Perry’s latest video actually raises a lot of questions. Most of which are left unanswered and left up to our own interpretation. However, engagement from mainstream artists and refusal to partake in complacency is certainly an important step in enacting change of any measure.




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