Aphex Twin Gets Down On Groovy New Tune “korg funk 5”

Aphex Twin Gets Down On Groovy New Tune “korg funk 5”

Aphex Twin Gets Down On Groovy New Tune “korg funk 5”


Aphex Twin recently shared a new song, “korg funk 5.”

The latest track comes from the conclusion of the artist’s collaboration with Korg on the company’s new Monologue instrument (an analog synthesizer). Take a listen to the groovy new fast-paced track below, which also features the IDM powerhouse’s son, making his vocalist debut.

Although, perhaps a music career is in his store for the young James, as in 2014, Richard D. James claimed that the then-six-year-old had “made an album on Renoise and published it on Bandcamp,” “He was five when he did most of it and all”, and “I never showed him a thing, he worked it all out himself, mind-boggling.”

The recent release also comes with an extensive interview between James and former Japanese Korg engineer Tatsuya Takahashi.  The two delve into technicalities of instrumentation and Aphex’s use of alternate tuners over the years. James also explains how his approach to making music has changed over the years.

“I’ve really been looking at my habits recently and denying them. It feels great if you can manage it.”

Unfortunately, no mention of new music was made.

Read the full interview here.




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