[QUICK MIX – BASS] Bassnectar Takes Over Insomniac’s Night Owl Radio

[QUICK MIX – BASS] Bassnectar Takes Over Insomniac’s Night Owl Radio

[QUICK MIX – BASS] Bassnectar Takes Over Insomniac’s Night Owl Radio


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Time to get the crew together and have an old school listening party. You know the ones – no tv, no Facebook, just a loud sound system in your basement and your best friends jamming out to great music. Thanks to the head honcho of Insomniac wanting a bit of time off, we get an hour of classic jams from everyone’s favorite bass head. Busting out the deep cuts, Bassnectar has thrown together a nostalgic mix of never before released mixes, mashups, and more for your listening pleasure (there’s even a Bassnectar history lesson thrown in at the end.) Time to pop the popcorn, pour the drinks, and sit around the speaker for more than an hour of pure, low-end bliss.

“It’s been more than a minute since I did a Bassnectar Transmission (old school mixtapes are just so fucking F.U.N.) and then I got the call from Insomniac to sit in for Pasquale on his Night Owl Radio show, so he could take a vacation…”

“I put together several exclusive bits, plus a 30 minute continuous mix of customized versions and remixes and mashups, and a ton of unreleased remasters, plus some old tracks from THE VAULT, and most special to me: my very first record I ever bought as a starry-eyed raver the morning after my first rave in the universe – exxxxxxxxtremely roots 🙂”

Track List:

Bassnectar “Bass Head”
Bassnectar & G Jones “Mind Tricks”
A$AP Rocky “LSD” [Bassnectar Bootleg]
Bassnectar & Jantsen “Red Step”
Eprom & Alesia “U Guessed It” [Bassnectar Remix]
Levitate “God Status” [Bassnectar Remix]
Benga “Dirty Face” [Bassnectar Edit]
Reso “Spooky” [BNRMX]
Bassnectar & ATLiens “Interlock”
Joker “Midnight” [Bassnectar Remix]
Lafa Taylor “Heaters” [Bassnectar Remix]
Sibot “Row Row” [Bassnectar Remix]
Aphrodite ft. Barrington Levy “All Over Me” [FreQ Nasty Remix]
Unknown* “Mystery White Label” [Please ID]
Gucci Mane “First Day Out tha Feds” [Bassnectar Version]
Marz Leon “Fire” [Bassnectar Remix]
Bassnectar “Speakerbox”
Beats Antique “Roustabout” [Bassnectar Remix]
Kamanchi ft. Rodney P, Retna, Darrison & Tali “Sounds of the Culture”
iLL Gates “Ice Bucket” [Bassnectar Remaster]
DJ Die & Interface “Bright Lights” [Bassnectar Version]
TC ft. MC Jakes “Deep”
Rusko “Bring It On” [Bassnectar Remaster]
Raw as Fuck “Punks”
EBE Audio “Energy”


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