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Psychedelic Phenom Outersect Emerges With “Kinnari” EP

If you tried to describe Outersect’s music to my parents, they probably wouldn’t understand. That’s one of the reasons we love his new EP Kinnari. Behind the appellation Outersect is Rob Rayle of the San Francisco Bay Area. Mom and Dad surely wouldn’t call it the devils music but they would be just as perplexed […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Snowmass and MNYKR Create a Grungy, Bass Filled Masterpiece with Latest Opium Remix

Yesterday Snowmass and MNYKR released an instant electro bass classic by remixing the track Opium by Mercer. This track delivers the epitome of that peak hour sound in which dreams are lived. Complete with downtempo breakdowns and laser electro riffs, one can only help but not rage to this track. In what can only be […]

[BASS] Hydraulix – “Pray For Hydro”

Hydraulix is a producer who doesn’t come quietly. He has just finished a three-track collection which has now dropped, and it is full of seriously powerful vibes. Titled “Pray For Hydro”, the Australian displays his innate ear for a banger once again. The first track is a slice of solo material, the uncompromising “Hustler.” Packed […]