Electro Funk

[QUICK MIX – ELECTRO FUNK] GRIZ’s All Good Radio Smears Defunk Across Your Earholes

OH MY GOD. I’ve been listening to the All Good Radio Episode 08 by Defunk all week and my ears are still loving the funky mix. Griz and the All Good Records crew put together something for this episode you’d only expect to come from his smooth sounds – now I don’t love everything Griz […]

[ALBUM DEBUT] Megan Hamilton & The Bermudas Create Electro-Organic Funk With ‘Photosynthetic’

If I gave you a map and asked you to point to the funkiest place in the United States, the frosty, winter-hardened city of Minneapolis might be the last spot your digit landed. Yet there is a smoldering scene brewing in the musical underbelly of the sibling Twin City, fresh with talent and ready to […]

[ELECTRO FUNK] GRiZMATiK – “As We Proceed” + Tour Details!

Coming off of a party of a 2016 and an amazing album tour for “Good Will Prevail,” Griz is back with a brand new release. Teaming up with long time friend and musical maestro Gramatik, we have once again been treated to a brand new Grizmatik track. You may have recognized it if you caught […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] R34L Covers Stranger Things Theme in Live Video Just in Time for Halloween

R34L has delivered a frighteningly groovy live cover of the theme song from the ever popular retro-horror mini-series, Stranger Things, which was released on Netflix this past summer. Stranger Things itself is amazing, I highly suggest checking it out. The story is a very predictable yet wildly intriguing tale of 4 boys journey to a parallel dimension. […]

[ELECTRO FUNK] Big Gigantic Takes Funk to a New Level With Help From Griz In ‘Cmon’

Some people go to work in an office every day; others work as doctors, some as teachers. But there are a few people out there that spend their days crafting the funkiest and grooviest tunes you can possibly find. Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken, better known as Big Gigantic by their fans, have created quite […]