[CHILL/R&B] Blood Orange- Augustine

//JOHN FLYNN// The urban experience has always incited a sense of wonder within me. The fast pace of life, accessibility, and the drawbacks of living the city lifestyle are all something I’ve missed out on throughout my young adult life until recently moving into a city. There is something wonderful yet dreadful about living in a city, […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Light Em Up Shows the Roots of House Music in Latest Mix

The Chicago native duo, Light Em Up, has time and time again shown us that every genre of music can start a fire. In this edition of their genre based mix series, Classic House,  the boys light up the airwaves with the grooviest collection of house music this side of an Afro Sheen commercial. Don’t get […]

[Electro Pop] Szjerdene – Are You Here

Delusional individuals, those that hold on to the ludicrous idea that in their bodies inhabits a soul, separate to our physical plane of existence, not bound by what holds us in one place but free to connect beyond borders, across time and distance. Regardless of my self-proclaimed romantic nature, destiny has always provided a feast […]