Burial Is Back With An Emotive New Single ‘Rodent’ On Hyperdub

A Burial release is never to be expected, as over the years London’s William Emmanuel Bevan has attained his fabled alias’ status through frequent but unforeseen re-surfacings. Collaborating with a formidable collection of artists such as Four Tet, Massive Attack, Thom Yorke and Zomby over the years—in addition to a hefty slew of acclaimed long-form EPs— […]

Bicep Simultaneously Demonstrates Sonic Tenacity & Flexibility On Their Debut Self-Titled LP

Bicep is an electronic duo with the tenacity of battery acid pumping through one’s veins. After breaking into the scene—churning out an innumerable number of classic house tracks all amongst their particularly unfashionable modus operandi— the two found their niche. Bicep broke out, virtually, as their slew of tunes struck an emotive chord with their listeners. Their […]

Post Death-Disco Outfit Liars Release Two Sick Singles Ahead Of Upcoming Record ‘TFCF’

It’d be mad to reminisce on the post 9/11 punk revival in New York City without one lamenting on Australian outfit the Liars— in particular— their 2001 record They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top.  Led by the lanky and widely-regarded punk rock sex symbol Angus Andrew, Liars took the […]

Meet Mhysa: The R&B Artist Making Music In The Pursuit Of Joy Amidst Perpetual Crisis, Systemic Oppression

Imagine if electronic music were a spectrum. One end is bright as can be and at the other— the absence of light entirely. Philadelphia-based black queer artist E. Jane— on the other hand— is thinking outside of this musically expressed colorway, fronting their own dimension. Working as a multimedia artist E. Jane’s résumé expands far and wide— […]