Experimental Pop

Meet Mhysa: The R&B Artist Making Music In The Pursuit Of Joy Amidst Perpetual Crisis, Systemic Oppression

Imagine if electronic music were a spectrum. One end is bright as can be and at the other— the absence of light entirely. Philadelphia-based black queer artist E. Jane— on the other hand— is thinking outside of this musically expressed colorway, fronting their own dimension. Working as a multimedia artist E. Jane’s résumé expands far and wide— […]

TR/ST Radiates On His Industrial Ridden Masochistic Dancehall Return ‘Bicep’

Honing his craft on his 2012 self-titled and 2014 Joyland record with singles like “Are We Arc,” “Icabod,” and more, Toronto’s Robert Alfons (TR/ST) has a keen sense of understanding the broad spectrum of emotions one experiences when listening to music. On the artist’s latest single, “Bicep,” marking his return after three years, Alfons flexes […]

Four Tet Shares New Single “Two Thousand and Seventeen”

Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden) the English post-rock and electronic artist is back with a new song, entitled “Two Thousand and Seventeen. ” The four-minute instrumental piece debuted July 4th on BBC Radio 1 where Hebden also revealed that he “has been making music for the past 10 months,” of which we will likely be […]

Tycho Works His Magic On Maggie Rogers’ Ethereal “Alaska”

Tycho’s Scott Hansen has been on his mother freaking game lately. Between the release of his absolutely stellar Coachella Do LaB set and the release of “See“, his first track with vocals, and upkeeping an incredibly curated Instagram feed it’s a mystery how this guy has time to do anything. But much to our pleasant surprise, […]