Melodic House

[GOODSEX TIPS] Free World Sepia Brings Dem Feels Back in New Draper Remix

Every once a while a track finds its way to your heart in a way you would have never expected. It falls in your lap and throws the entire moment for a loop, changing perspectives and raising self awareness. The track will make you laugh, cry and feel. It will make you feel those feelings that […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Milk N Cooks Back on the Hype Machine Charts and Ready for Love

– HEART this on Hype Machine HERE – If the present moment can be reached, you will feel a rush of peace that will take you over and a wave of serenity that will become a blanket of protection against this busy world of deadlines and opinions. Just take a deep breath and understand that everything […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] INZO Changes Perspectives with New Original Track Young Heart feat. Lyon Hart

While I am not typically a fan of the happy-go-lucky, EDM banger style this track is in, I truly felt the need to share it because I felt it breaks the mold of what we have been seeing from this genre. INZO has figured out how to really carry my attention throughout the mix while keeping […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Gain Clarity in the Present Moment with Gianni Blu’s New Original, Alive

Every so often, a track comes along that brings you to a head-space where solutions meet problems like magnets. You gain an insight into your true desires, isolated from that emotional noise in your head. This is where you can act free from the ego and the compulsive thought process that truly plagues us all. […]

[CHILL/MELODIC HOUSE] Get Ready To Groove To Punctual’s First Release “Eva”

I started dancing at the age of 4. I love everything about dance. The challenge, the competitiveness, the performance, the community. Constantly moving from state to state and struggling financially, though, it hindered my ability to dance consistently, and that killed me. With cheerleading being more affordable than going to a dance studio, I got […]