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[GOODSEX TIPS] Milk N Cooks Channel Inner Rock Gods in New Remix

The Viking DJ Duo, Milk N Cooks, have created a Rock N’ Roll/EDM baby using some freshly epic guitar lines and creative phuture bass sounds in their new remix of Machenzie Thoms’ masterpiece “Do Me All Again.” The track makes my classic rock soul tingle with that Milk N Cooks “feel good cuz life is […]

[CONCERT/PHOTO RECAP] There Is No Such Thing As A ‘Shitty’ Lotus Show

Philly based electro-rock band Lotus stopped by a jam (ha…) packed Terminal 5 last Saturday, February 6th for their first NYC show of the year. There is an extensive litany of reasons why I love Lotus: the warmth of their sound, the earnest look on their faces when they play, their genuine and enthusiastic fan base, ect. But perhaps my favorite quality […]