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Crafted by James Kabat and Kavi S. Still nursing hangovers from Lolla, Chicago is about descend in droves upon West Loop’s Union Park. Well, maybe descend is too strong a verb. They’ll slink their way on the L, shushing teenagers for the temerity to raise their voice an octave above a whisper. That is until […]

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Geoff Weers, Lead Singer of The Expendables Talks Tinder, Touring and T-Rex’s

The Expendables live and breathe music. It’s evident in their endless touring schedule, their seemingly infinite number of SoundCloud uploads, and in their conversations. They are a group that comes around rarely, sticking together as a band of buds through the insane ups and downs of living lives as professional musicians, only growing stronger as […]

[PHOTO RECAP] The Expendables Perform at Bottom Lounge

The smells of reefer and good times hung heavy in the air last weekend, as infamous reggae/rock group The Expendables blazed their way through snow-infested Chicago to perform at Bottom Lounge with fellow So-Cal natives, Seedless and Stick Figure. In defiance of the cold weather, Bottom Lounge cooked with the sounds of dubby bass, laid-back […]