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[FRESH] Slow Magic Releases “Mind” + Special Intimate Tour Dates

“An Ethereal Journey Through Space and Musical Lust” Slow Magic is back with his first single since the debut of 2014’s How to Run Away. The track, which features Sweden’s Kate Boy, is the first time Slow Magic has used backing vocals in one of his songs. Pairing Boy’s poignant soprano with Slow Magic’s ethereal […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] SWRVN & Razz Drop Funky Fire Track via Kitchin Records

It is hard to choose just one genre these days. The direction music is headed, soon everything will be a fusion of two or more types of music; blending together the best sounds of both. So I take notice when a new piece of audible art hits the sound waves that pushes the envelope of […]

[TRAP] 4B Gives DJ Snake’s “The Middle” A Jersey Club Facelift

DJ Snake‘s most recent single “The Middle” is gearing up to be the 2016 festival season hit that “Lean On” was to 2015. Featuring Bipolar Sunshine, “The Middle” focuses on emotional lyrics and slow, bouncy future-sounding drops that hit the listener right in the feels. It’s a much different vibe than his other wildly successful 2016 […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Who Cares & Hi Five Remix Bow Chicka Wow

The Gorecki brothers (Hi Five & Who Cares) are back at it again with a sexy phuture remix of Mike Posner’s Bow Chicka Wow Wow and it is sure to steam any pair of dry panties on the dance floor. Between the classic bed squeak funk feels and the simple and clean percussion lines, it’s […]

[TRAP/HOUSE] Raylo – “Winner”

Bringing their new single to life this week is Raylo, the newly signed collective to Ultra Music. Currently based in London and consisting of four members, they have created the impressive single “Winner” as their debut release. The track has already enjoyed considerable success, with Pot Noodle using it as a soundtrack to their latest […]