[DARK DANCE] Adele- Hello (Kavi’s Anti-Suicide Re-Imagination) + (Anevo Remix)


Six days. 14. 16. Hours a day of swimming in sheets. A sad-cerebrum banging against the bedframe. Fuck me. Fuck me. I want out. Shouting. My brain was always shouting. Cos I deserved it. Cos I’d strapped it to pillowcases. Ball-gagged all its bellicose ballyhooing. Cos it was me from the otherside of my life […]

[DUBSTEP] Adele – “Skyfall” (Clark Kent & Oscar Daniel Remix)


I’m a pretty huge James Bond fan, so I’m absolutely stoked for the new Skyfall movie coming out this week. (Even more so since Klout and Cadillac hooked me up with a red carpet premiere ticket!). But I’m almost more stoked for this fantastic melodic dubstep mix from Clark Kent and Oscar Daniel of Adele’s […]

[ELECTRO/POP] Adele – “Skyfall” (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

skyfall remix

A lot of hype surrounding Adele‘s new theme song, “Skyfall,” for the upcoming James Bond movie of the same name. A group I’m not too familiar with, Theatre of Delays, has released their remix of the track, adding a bit more of an upbeat feel that I’m really digging. Check it out below. Get the […]

[POP] Adele – “Skyfall” (James Bond Theme Song)


One of my favorite parts of any James Bond movie is the opening credits. Always artistically done, the credits always set the tone for the rest of the movie and the two most recent Bond flicks have not been a let down. With the 3rd movie in the revised franchise on the horizon, there was […]

[NEWS] 54th Annual Grammy Award Winners


In case you missed it, last night marked the 54th Annual Grammy Awards for the music industry; a big night for what was the culmination of an amazing year in the sound industry. If you didn’t get the chance to see who the winners were, we have them all for you below, with no commercial […]

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