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[TICKET GIVEAWAY] Earl Sweatshirt Releases Surprise Album + Catch Him Live In Chicago

I’m officially starting to feel old. The youngest member of the eclectic Odd Future troupe is now of legal drinking age (like that’s stopped him in the past), and that can only mean that Earl Sweatshirt‘s live shows will be even more outrageous than in the past. Bursting onto the hip-hop scene circa 2011, it […]

[DUBSTEP/BASS] Starkey – ‘Orbits’ Album Review

By: Dustin Fox Dubstep and I have a similar relationship to Goldilocks and porridge; there is a fine line between too hot, the wah-FRAT dubstep (EDM Metal?) of Murica’, and then the too-cold James Blake, Burial British grime two-step stuff. Starkey, Philly based producer PJ Geissinger, strives for that trans-atlantic middle ground. Aspects of bass-music, […]