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[FESTIVAL RECAP] Day for Night Unites Musicians and Visual Artists Like Never Before

Fashion killers and photographers all gathered in an old post office in downtown Houston this weekend to experience something very unique. In a world where music festivals are more prevalent than ever, production companies need to work even harder to set themselves apart from one another. I often find that the most awe-inspiring festivals are camping ones […]

[FESTIVAL PLAYLIST] On the Road to Day for Night

Held in a historic post office building in the heart of Houston, TX, Day For Night will be returning in just two short days. In the words of The Department of Dance, Day for Night is “The festival of the future”. Providing a space where visual artists meet musicians, festival-goers are immersed into an environment […]

[ELECTRONIC] Trove of (Probably) Aphex Twin Tracks Released For Free Download

Aphex Twin aka Richard James aka the venerated poltergeist of the music world, managed to simultaneously delight and confuse his fans once again. Following a curious soundcloud comment exchange with Aphex Twin last week, user48763530 (now changed to user4876353001) started releasing an archive of tracks that sounded pretty similar to Aphex Twin’s old material.   […]