[HOUSE] Tim Berg (Avicii) – “Before This Night Is Through (Bad Things)” (Original Mix)


An awesome thing happened the other day: Tim Berg, better known as Avicii, released his first new single since “Bromance” hit the charts last year. As always, Tim packs “Before This Night Is Through” with mental synth harmonics and a power house bass line. This kid is only 22 years old and is one of […]

[Indie] Cults ft. Freddie Gibbs – “Bad Things” (Remix)


Here’s an interesting collaboration that reaps some pretty cool sounds. Indie sensation Cults have grabbed hip-hop virtuoso Freddie Gibbs to come in and remix tracks off their album. The fast, tight rhymes from Freddie juxtaposes nicely with Madeline Follin’s airy, ethereal vocals. I’d like to hear more from this project as it shows some real […]

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